Featured Advocate: Jo from The living hell that is bipolar 10/22

featured page

del78Jo: I am advocate because I am a recovering alcoholic and am living with the hell that is bipolar disorder. I started this page to have a safe place to vent without feeling judged by others,to share experiences in a safe place.

The living hell that is bipolar
I am a married 40 something with 2 grown up sons 1 recovering alcoholic mother all I want is to enjoy life instead of living the hell that is bipolar(Jo1)

This page is about how I cope or not with bipolar,its for sharing our experinces supporting each other to get through the rough & smooth that comes with bipolar. I would like people to feel they can share with others and also enjoy the page be able to have some banter with each other. Share how different treatments are implemented in different parts of thr world anyway enough of my blabbling.


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