Featured Advocates: Admins at AntiBullyingAtWork 10/21

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del76Admins: We are advocates because bullying has devastating effects including psychological damage such as depression and anxiety, and physical damage such as headaches and loss of appetite. This leads to other negative effects such as social withdrawal which will affect friends and family also. In the case of workplace bullying an individual can be affected financially and career wise which can have lifelong effects. In the case of school bullying, school work can be affected which can also have lifelong consequences. This issue is highly overlooked and definitely needs more attention. This is why we are AntiBullying advocates. We started our page because there  isn’t enough awareness of workplace bullying or bullying in general.

Bullies Don’t Just Go To School – They Go To Work Too! Please help us to raise awareness and make a change, together we can do this! Our mission is to Stand Up To Workplace Bullying And Put A Stop To It – TODAY.
Bullying is offensive, intimidating, malicious and insulting behaviour used as an abuse of power to undermine and humiliate the victim. Workplace bullying in particular is very often overlooked, and it is for this reason that society would like to believe, that after school, bullying doesn’t happen. However, it does happen, and is equally as serious as bullying at school. And just like school bullying, workplace bullying can have devastating effects.Wreck It Ralph is a popular Disney film. Whilst entertaining, it also sends out an important message regarding Workplace Bullying. Ralph is the “baddie” in the game Fix It Felix. As he is the “bad guy who wrecks the building”, he sleeps outside in the garbage on his own. This is an example of social exclusion. As well as this, the other characters in the game (his colleagues) tell him he will never win a medal like Felix. This is an example of verbal abuse. Ralph ends up leaving his game – he is bullied out of work, and the game ends up getting shut down – the company suffers as a result.

Another character in a different game, Vanellope, is told by the characters in her game (her colleagues) that she is a “glitch” and that she isn’t allowed to race with them. This again is verbal abuse and social exclusion. They also push her around – this is unwanted physical contact, and destroy a car that she built – this is tampering with her personal belongings. However, Vanellope cannot leave her game as she is a “glitch” . This is an example of being stuck in one job as she has nowhere else to go.

These stories, and other animations featured on this page, provide a perfect illustration for the purpose of AntiBullyingAtWork – to raise awareness of and stop workplace bullying.

Although only fictional, unfortunately, these stories are very relevant to real life situations. Bullying at work can have very serious consequences, and can ruin the lives of the victims and their families.The aim of this Facebook page is to illustrate that adults can be bullied too, and we must put a stop to it in order to properly protect bullied children. This page gives information on how to recognise workplace bullying and the consequences of workplace bullying. This page also illustrates things that can be done by employees if there is bullying happening in a workplace.

Bullying is not OK, it can happen to anyone and victims have every right to stand up against it. There is no Laws against bullying at work (or bullying in general) and this needs to change. Please like this page to raise awareness of this, and to help put a stop to workplace bullying.


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