Featured Advocate: Momma from Rantings of an ADHD Mom 10/25

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del82Momma:  I started my page as a mental health outlet for me. This page morphed into an online community of individuals who feel they can reach out to me and to each other to better understand the great impact Autism has on our children, on our relationships, and on our families. my goal is to ensure that no individual, whether autistic or neurotypical feels alone or isolated.


Hey friends Do you have exceptional kids driving you crazy? Do they say things that make you laugh til you cry? ASD? PDD-NOS? Gifted and talented? me too
Momma F is the in serious pain (she hurt her back and it’s not getting any better) ADHD Mom of three exceptional kids, L9, M6 and E3. One, her youngest, falls somewhere on the autism spectrum…her sweet angel. She wants to share with you, her family the daily rantings that keep her crazy, sane and head over heels in love with her kids and her best beloved…watch from the sidelines or be part of the show…but now you know what she is doing when she is not “home” visiting…watch out though-she is not holding back…enjoy My Autism-Regression-spectrum Mom blog/rantings and let me know your thoughts on all matters, I am listening, whining, exhausted and silly-YOU ARE NOT ALONE though the many trials of raising exceptional children, gifted, learning disabled, different, they are all exceptional and if you’ve found me, like me you are looking for people who “get it,” and I do…it’s not easy but it is totally worth the ride! Enjoy.

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