Featured Advocate: Mama Spirit from Strength & Spirit 1/13

del3Mama Spirit I advocate on behalf of people who are struggling with depression and anxiety and  who have suffered from abuse and trauma. A also advocate for people, who like me, have survived having strokes or other brain injuries and are dealing with their effects from an emotional and mental standpoint.

I don’t want people to hide, as I did for a while, rather  than to face the judgments, stigmas, stares, rudeness, comments, misunderstandings, and misgivings of people. Oftentimes they don’t know any better because things are based on their own fears and learned behaviors. I advocate because we all deserve the chance to live as happily as we can in our own skins without being ashamed by the society in which we live!

del4Strength & Spirit (Facebook Page) 

A supportive platform for any and everyone who may be facing difficulties in their lives, from medically related issues to whatever else may be going on.

This page is called Strength & Spirit because it will always offer bits of encouragement and/or inspiration to those who find themselves in need. I want to provide a compassionate community of support for anyone facing difficulties or hardships in their lives and on their journeys, especially those that are medical in nature. I do this to help myself as well, as I have only recently begun my own recovery journey back from having three strokes in two months. I say this often and with love… Maintain Your Strength & Your Spirit! Enjoy! Website

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