Featured Advocate: Mimi from Fanilo Haller’s amazing journey with Autism Pdd-Nos 1/16

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delfaMimi: I am Fanilo’s advocate because he is my lovely son with Autism. I get up every single day with the strong drive of helping Fanilo reach his full potential and to show people in our town and around the word that he CAN do many things and he is differently abled!

Fanilo Haller’s amazing journey with Autism Pdd-Nos Fanilo Haller, our 2nd son is 4 and a half years old. He has Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pervasive Developemental Disorder Non Otherwise Specified type (ASD PDD-NOS). 

People with ASD are different not less. Being Autistic is different from being mentally retarded. Autism may come with other mental challenges. However, a child/adult with Autism can just be Autistic with no other challenges aside.We are trying our best everyday the Lord bless us with to help him help himself, to show him that his world is OK and our world is also FUN to be in. Society is a good thing to human kind but has it’s tough and unforgiving ways of not bending to the ones that are different like Fanilo. Therefore, we (his parents and his brother Lova) are and will always his advocate until we will be no more. We are and will build our world around him as the Lord gave his trust to our family to look after one of his walking angel.

Check out and follow our Fanilo’s page telling his personal stories to show your support for children and individuals living every single day of their lives with Autism. All the posts are in English but it will be my pleasure to translate to French or Malagasy for those who will request it.

When we realised Fanilo was different, he was 4 months old…since then, the quest of what is “wrong” with him started. We only got a response from a Doctor in CapeTown S.A. when he was 30 months old. We hope more a more Dr would go to special needs training so they know earlier how to help a child and the family get a direction.
In God we trust!

Nous sommes honores d’avoir ete choisi pour s’occuper de notre fils autiste 🙂 Dieu nous guide tous dans chacun de nos durs chemins a suivre.



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