Featured Advocate: Susana from Domestic Violence Angels 1/15

delsusanaSusana: I am an advocate because my mother and sister were both killed as a result of domestic violence. I started a myspace page and it became so much more. I realized that so many needed a place to go to share their stories and grief and needed resources. So, I have had my son start a yearly campaign in his high school and we make a cemetery every year, It has been a long road but, it has helped me feel good and feel like my mother and sister have helped save many other lives in the process, thanks for coming by my page.

Domestic Violence Angels (Facebook) Myspace

  • The lives of our Angels who were taken from Domestic Violence!Survival of loved ones and their friends. Strength, Encouragement and Recognition for making it each day!
  • This site is to honor our angels and support local Domestic Violence Rally’s and
    Campaigns for the annual October Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
    In Memory of family angels and all your angels. Dedicated to remembering their voices.
    All my angels taken way too soon.
    God Bless our angels and those they leave behind.
    Special thanks to my son Cj and my Godfather for helping me to create my vision. Thanks to Amanda and Hannah for helping me get started. And to all my friends who have stuck by me more than 8 years. God Bless


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