Featured Advocate: Karen from A Chameleon in the Spectrum 1/17

featured page

Karen: I’m a mental health advocate because I have struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my adult life. When my son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, my symptoms began to take control over me. I have learned (and continually learn) how to help manage the stressors and triggers in my life. Since beginning my blog 2010, primarily about our family’s journey through a life with autism spectrum, I’ve met so many other parents that have shared their own unique stories of their own journeys. The one recurring commonality in these stories is battling anxiety and depression. (In ourselves and in our kids with ASD). Then in 2011 I also lost a VERY DEAR FRIEND to suicide. I knew he had struggled with depression since his teen years but his suicide completely turned my world upside down. I’ve written a bit about it on my blog…it’s still very fresh and very painful today.

del chamA Chameleon in the Spectrum This page is where we can share our challenges and rewards of parenting in the Autism Spectrum and parenting in general. We’ve developed a wonderful network of support and information so come join the discussions!


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