Featured Advocate: Heather from Bipolar Awareness & Support Power Page 1/18

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delbip3Heather: I am an Advocate because I am a victim of the mental illness , bipolar disorder , However I am also a survivor . I was diagnosed at the age of 22 . My journey has been rocky and tough . As many know who suffer as well with this illness , it can completely take over your body and mind time and time again.

I have had far too many episodes that have almost taken my life , however I have seemed to get through them all . I have been very lucky to have a wonderful family support system that has stood by me through the years . It hasn’t been easy for them either . With the symptoms that come along with this illness , it can devastate a family.

There are no words to explain the feelings of not being able to control your own mind and body when the illness takes over . It’s the most fearful feeling to have in the world . It is also a horrible feeling to have when you feel alone . When you feel there is something wrong with you and you have no clue what it is or why your have the feelings you have .

I have learned through my experience’s that having some kind of support system is crucial to your recovery plan . This is why I have created Bipolar Awareness and Support Power Page . This is a page where you may come to when you feel down , alone , helpless and lost . Here is where we understand what you are going through and have been in your shoes . We are a family support system to those in need . We are here to give a caring heart , listen with ears wide open and reach out our hands to grasp you in your darkest hours . We are waiting and ready to support you as well . So please stop by and join in the power to support .

delbip Bipolar Awareness & Support Power Page I am a Victim & Survivor of Bipolar Disorder, If you are too than you understand and know that this illness is a battle not only for ourselves but others.

Please don’t judge Mental Illness as Craziness , it is so much more . Please take time to understand it, help end the stigma‘s behind it and spread awareness about it . It takes massive amounts of strength from the ones suffering and can have devastated effects on their loved ones and has tons of ups and downs . There is also massive amounts of good to it as well . We challenge you to be strong with Us !
Being on a lifetime roller coaster of emotions day in & day out is one of the most exhausting feelings . You think roller
coaster & fun but to us bipolar ones we think a couple more bumps , few more twists , a
lot more flips and maybe just maybe if we are lucky the ride may calm a bit for rest . Not only & boy do I speak from experience does this illness affect us but it affects our loved ones around us to the core . This is more than a tearful , heartbreaking journey of life to have to take for any of us involved . So my hopes for creating this page is for all that suffer and thier loved ones to come together for support on the behalf of all and try to find some peace . Please come together with Us and give us a chance to prove we are more than CRAZY and there is Hope .

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  1. I am new to bipolar awareness and support, I have been in a bipolar group a few years back but nothing like this, It’s nice to have people treat you equal and not talk to you as a psychiatrist, I believe talking is the cure, we just have to learn to trust. – Heather always makes me feel … well… understood, To talk with mentally Ill people on a daily basis would eat me alive, “am i writing the right thing, hope they don’t take it the wrong way etc..” but she does a great job cause it comes natural. Strong woman, keep up the good work. P.s hope to see new friends soon 🙂

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