Featured Advocate: Anonymous from Recovering from a relationship with a Narcissist 1/21

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delnarcAnonymous: I am an advocate because I was in a relationship with a sociopath for 18 years and I was easily convinced that HE was NORMAL and I was “fatally broken” I have suffered from depression, anxiety and am a recovering drug addict. I would like to be instrumental in helping people SEE what is happening to them before they stay in it for 18 years and suffer the consequences of such, long term, psychological and emotional abuse.Share my journey. I am a woman who was “captured” and “entrapped” by a Narcissist. You may be as well (and we all all in danger of this)

Recovering from a relationship with a Narcissist: I would be most happy to offer my story, my life lessons, my hope and/or my faith with anyone who needs it! YOU are NOT crazy, insane, demented, out of control, hypersensitive, petty, argumentative or any of the myriad things the N told you to keep you under control! They are incomprehensible in their evil and willingness to do ANYTHING to get what they want. There is no level to which they will not sink. You may find that you often stand alone because others in your life cannot see their evil and do not WANT to see it because it is too disturbing. We have not been allowed that luxury.  We must stand together! An army of people who have been FORCED to see what others CHOOSE to ignore and DENY! Blog 



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