Featured Advocate: Corrine from No More Excuses – Bullying Must End Now 1/19

featured page

del55Corrine: I am advocate because t the age of 33 I was finally diagnosed with bipolar and severe anxiety. I don’t want any young person to go through the stigma of being rejected for mental health reasons.  I started the page on the basis of anti-bullying. Our page evolved somewhat because we learned – some of us from first hand experience – that continued persecution, from those that are supposed to love and support us continues the cycle of self hatred and self destructive behavior.

So we continue to try to find pages, groups, etc., to share a positive message to try to break the cycle of bullying that is leading to more and more depression and mental health breaks in our kids/tweens. and young teens. There are now a number of admins helping with our page and many who share information on our page and we are so thankful for them all.

No More Excuses – Bullying Must End Now: Stand up against Bullying Now! Protect our young people and those who are vulnerable because of physical of mental health challenges. Make States, Provinces, Territories and Countries responsible for protecting their young people. 



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