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delboddyDave: I have become a Concussion Awareness Advocate with the intent to not only help society be more aware of, but to also educate society on the topic of concussions. Due to me living my life with concussions since I was 4 years old, I’ve lived with many symptoms due to concussions, such as: depression, suicide, emotional instability, delusions, mechanical headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and permanent memory and visual issues.

Due to my life I understand how many suffer daily with no support, or even understanding their concussion symptoms. More often than not concussions are misdiagnosed or neglected. For years I had my symptoms ignored by doctors, that was until 2011 when I suffered my 15th concussion. I was then sent to rehab for it, it was only then they were taken seriously. Individuals suffering from concussions at times are left in the dark and unsupported, I started my pages  with the intent to be that support for those who need it.

Dave Matthew Boddy

Dave Boddy is one of Calgary’s most requested youth public speakers, and is often requested for appearances at schools, recreational events, and more. Dave is also recognized as an established life coach. After defeating over 16 years of depression, bullying, and suicide Dave assists youths and their families on handling incidents of above mentioned issues. Dave has been conducting this service for well over 3 years now. Dave is not a certified professional, thus his advice is merely from experience, and with the sole intent to help inspire and strengthen.

During Dave’s intense eight year career in security and bodyguards services, he dealt with gangs, narcotics, assaults, fights, arrests, medical emergencies, and was tested for HIV and HEP C twice. During his career he witnessed serious issues such as deaths, stabbings, and other very serious incidents. Due to this career Dave has knowledge on verbal judo, defense, First Aid/CPR/AED, and handling stress. During his career working as a bodyguard he worked with celebrities such as: Cher, the Rolling Stones, WWE, Ryan Hurst (Opie from Sons of Anarchy), Glass Tiger, Econoline Crush, Blind Melon, and many more.

Dave produced two seasons for a youth empowerment show on SHAW TV, “the Sunday Omony Show”. In this role Dave assisted with locating the guests, mentoring the guests on set, assisting with prop and set designs, and more. The last season was LIVE on SHAW TV.

Dave started Boddyguards United (BU) in 2011 with the sole intent being to inspire and assists youths through depression, bullying, and suicide. Since the beginning of Boddyguards, Dave has appeared on radio, TV, internet radio, and is frequently requested by families to assist other families, and their youths. BU has gained worldwide recognition as Dave has put together an amazing team around the world, BU has support in countries such as: Canada, USA, Mexico, Greece, Egypt, Malaysia, Russia, Ireland, India, and so much more.

Due to suffering 15 serious concussions, Dave also suffers from permanent brain damage; as a result he has suffered with post-concussion syndrome for over 15 years. Dave has a passion to also speak of his history with concussions to schools, and sports centers.

Dave due to surviving over 16 years of depression and suicide has been able to use his struggles to help others find their successes. Dave was suicidal in grade 9, 2006, and 2011, he contributes his survival to inner strength and determination. Dave has also dealt with the loss of seven close friends, suicide, murder, heart attacks, accident in a WWE ring, and flesh eating disease. When Dave lost all of his friends within a 10 year span it allowed him to fall into further depression.

In March of 2011 Dave suffered his fifteenth concussion while working as a security officer, with this concussion Dave lost his professional wrestling and policing career. He was in brain injury rehab for over seven months; he also suffered severe weight gain, and hit the scale at 350lbs. This allowed Dave to fall into depression and suicidal thoughts. He was unable to work out, clean, cook, hold his son, or conduct any activity that exerted any energy. It was determined that Dave will have permanent brain damage that affects his vision, and cognitive ability.

Dave had to literally start fresh with walking, lifting weights, and learning how to cope with the side effects. Side effects, such as dizziness, memory loss, fatigue, affected emotions, and more. Dave asked to be discharged early from rehab due to stress financially, he was discharged two months early, and he immediately began a strict diet and workout regimen. He was able to drop from 350lbs to 260lbs within 9 months; he then gained the courage to share his life story on social media. His material went viral and was published online; he soon enough was speaking to schools, and appearing on internet radio.

He then started to implement and create Boddyguards United as a means to help local youths in his community, and since then has appeared on TV, radio, and internet radio. Dave has been working hard on building a legacy where he is known to help people through their struggles. He takes much pride in knowing he uses his negativity to help create positivity for others.

As of today Dave is recognized as a human rights and concussion awareness advocate, leads Boddyguards United into becoming Canada’s number one empowerment agency, releasing a chapter in a international released book, writing a biography, producing a SHAW TV empowerment series driven towards youth empowerment, joined forces with Free2LUV as an advocate for bullying, joined forces with a North American recognized psychiatrist to assist athletes, actors, and more with depression and suicide due to concussions, and appearing on TV shows due to his acting. Twitter: @daveboddy86


Other Pages: Boddyguards United and Take Control – Concussion and Mental Health Support Group


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