Featured Advocate: Embla from Sometimes 1/20

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delsomwEmbla: I am an advocate because I was sexually, physically and mentally abused from aprox 2 ys old. The sexual abuse stopped when I was 16, the rest continued. I broke it of with my family abusers or silent witnesses). Then I had 3 violent relationships in a row, mixed with eating-disorders, cutting myself, suicide attempts, severe depressions., Complex PTSD. etc …
Have also had my share of therapists who say “so tired of people blaming their child-hood”
I’m tired of abuse, tired of stigma, tired of rumours, tired of people putting others down through violence, fear etc Just SO tired of all the darkness in this world, brought upon us by ignorant and hateful people mostly
I’m determined to fight against it till I no longer have to.


Share thoughts about Mentall Illness, Cronic disease, faith, everyday life and fleeting thoughts. None of the pictures are mine only my words.

My name is Embla. I am admin and owner of this page. I have a history of being abused in every fashion from birth till 10 years ago= aprox 35 years. I am Introvert aprox 90 %, functioning as long as I can hide every now and then. My past, apart from abuse, also contains: self harm, eating disorders, deep depressions, suicide attempts.

PTSD and panic attacks still are present in my life, but I’ve learned control tricks. Sort of brainwashing myself often, and releasing it all in safe ways. I am passionate about helping others, just being there or activly. I am also a huge animal-lover, I trust animals more than people really. You may call me animal-activist 😉

Faith wise I am Old-Style Asatro, the original Scandinavian Asatro. Which have nothing to do with Asatro outside Scandinavia… Half naked “women” and men running around drinking themselves sensless and screaming Hail… Is not what this faith is about. I care about people, and want to help where I can. I fully believe there is a way for everyone to a happier self image.



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