Featured Advocate: Miriam from In Memory of Lacy Parker 1/25

featured page

dellacy2Miriam: Hello!  I am an advocate because my friend committed suicide. I have decided to keep her memory alive by posting positive messages on a page that I have created so people could live a happy life.  I was looking forward to see her after school- but then I learned that she couldn’t come.   I still miss Lacy deeply and so do her friends and family.

In Memory of Lacy Parker Lacy Parker took her life due to family problems.This page has been approved by Lacy’s mother! Lacy Parker was such a beautiful person and had so much to offer the world. She always made the people around her happy. She committed suicide due to family problems.Please like and help the word spread about this page ♥ She lived from February 26, 1999 to October 11, 2013





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