Featured Advocate: Anonymous from Long Survivor 1/28

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dellong2Anonymous: I struggle with Emotional Impairment, on the side of being over emotional. Ive always struggled with people who dont understand the emotional. Being abused and mistreated because of it. Being abused because I can cry, don’t you know, men shouldn’t cry. Being discriminated against because I am more emotional and care more than most. I also suffer with depression other issues as a result of things being able to so deeply effect my emotions. I am an advocate because I dont want other people to have noone when they have these same feelings or any others. I am an advocate because helping people is my medicine that makes me ok. I am an advocate because I am a survivor, a current victim, and a fighter for everyone. I am an advocate because I want to make a difference.

Long Survivor I have dealt with Emotional, Mental, Verbal and Physical abuse all my life. I have helped and supported others who suffer from the same, and others who suffer from sexual abuse too. My experiences throughout my childhood lead me to believe that the reason I was put on this planet is to help people. Im the person who wants to be called at 3, 4 5am etc, because I would rather be woken up, than have someone who needs help, go without.

Since I created my group a few days ago, ive finally been able to help again (I am currently being abused by my SO and im not “allowed” to talk to anyone, she fears itll make people think bad of her to know whats going on). Helping people again has given my life light back and made me happy again when I was stuck thinking she was the only one who could make me happy.

I’ve always helped and im there to help anyone through any type of abuse or anything they want to talk about. My group has a main focus of emotional abuse, but is there for ANY kind of support needed. So many people go thorugh emotional/mental abuse, and it branches into so many other causes in the world.

I have found some friends recently who have been on youtube doing demonstrations for their causes, and one who got to speak at DC for his cause. I want to help as much as I can again, and in turn I gain some help too, and try to become a major feature in the fight against abuse, and hope maybe someday, I can be speaking at major rallies too.


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