Featured Advocate: Charlie’s mom from Charlie’s Adventures In Autism 1/29

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del charlieCharlie’s Mom: I am an advocate because every day and every chance I get I talk to people about Charlie. About how much progress he has made. About how I believe with the right POSITIVE stratagies ALL kids on the spectrum can blossom. They are all different but if you never give up, approach challenges positive, find what works for them, they will grow! But I talk about this in my everyday life. To my friends with kids on the spectrum and also with my friends that have NT kids. I often hear from NT parents “I have learned so much from you and Charlie” Also, I started a parent group at my sons Autism School. We meet and just chat about everyday things. We go to lunch or coffee and just chat. No judgement just understanding. I fought for Charlie to go to his Autism school and paved the way for others in our district to also go. Being an advocate is just part of my everyday life, It is who I am.

Charlie’s Adventures In Autism I am the mom of an 18 year old young man with Autism. This page is about how we have gotten thru the tough times and come out smiling!

del charlie 2

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