Featured Advocate: Debra from The Art of Autism 2/7

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del12222Debra: I’m an advocate for people with developmental disabilities and mental illness because I believe the people who come into our lives are there for a purpose. My son is autistic, an artist, and also has a mental illness diagnosis. He’s proud to be autistic. To not advocate for others like him would be to deny that we’re all connected. By helping others, I help him as well.

The Art of Autism Over 450 artists from around the world participate in The Art of Autism. Artists participate in exhibits, blogs and our online gallery.  The Art of Autism  Website  is an international collaborative of over 450 artists, poets and entertainers on the spectrum. Debra (Hosseini) Muzikar is the author of “The Art of Autism: Shifting Perceptions” released in 2012. Keri Bowers is the producer of Normal Films. Together they have started a collaborative featuring entertainers and artists across the world. The Art of Autism has had over 25 exhibits across the U.S. and Canada from 2011-2013

Autism Unveiled seeking submissions for forty-day advocacy project culminating on World Autism Day



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