Featured Advocate: Shay from Life, Love, and Lithium 1/31

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del shayShay: I’m a mental health advocate due to my long struggle with multiple diagnosis. Some of the things I experienced were terrifying and at the same time forced me to accept that my life was forever changed and accept it wholeheartedly.
My experience has taught me so much and altered what I thought was reality.

I learned through therapy that talking really helped me so I began an online support group for young women battling mental health issues. I found through counseling how knowledgeable I’d become due to my own trauma and dove straight into helping these girls with all I had.

I’m also a passionate writer and utilize that outlet tremendously for comfort aimed towards me, but others who could read my blog and walk away feeling like they learned something new about themselves. My dream is to become an advocacy writer. It’s something that I feel like I’m destined to do. I’m a helper, not a fighter.

Life, Love, and Lithium A gorgeous paged focused on providing inspirational, educational, and artistic elements to the mental health community. The concept behind LLNL’s page is to create a mental health community with a creative and artful twist. Not only will the Admins share experiences through writing, we will also offer art and music, inspirational items, discussions, and much more. We focus primarily on bipolar disorder, however we will continuously bring new perspectives on other mental illnesses to the table that are creative and educational. Blog



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