Featured Advocate: Jessica from Mental Illness Support Page and Challenge Yourself (Group) 8/4, 2/8

featured page

delete11Jessica:  I’m an advocate because I have struggled with Mental Illness my entire life and I wanted to help people that struggle with it too. Also I want to help end this stigma that’s built around mental illness. I’m trying  to create  awareness out their for mental health.

I’m 25 years old from Upstate New York. When I was 12 I was first diagnosed with Bi polar 2, major depressive disorder, borderline personaility, schizoeffective disorder, & general anxiety disorder. As a kid I always knew I was different then other kids around me.

I always wanted to be alone and different have many friends. Through the years my mental illness made it difficult for me to live a “normal life”. Despite the fact that I was called “a highly functioning bi polar person”. Meaning I was able to go to school, drive and work. What I was unable to do was finish school(dropped out of college, stress got the best of me), work(have had multiple jobs in the past 10 years due).

I have been through many relationships and was divorced at 24 years old. When I reached my twenties I developed bad social anxiety causing me to withdrawal myself from the world. After therapy didn’t work, I decided to start my own “support group” to find people out in the world that were going through the same things. I wanted to let them know they are not alone. I want people to know that we are not victims, our disorder doesn’t define who we are inside.

Youtube :  I share videos about my take on different mental health topics as well as my personal tips and journal videos.

Mental Illness Support Page
del57Mental illness is a long hard battle to go through. Lets fight this battle together!

To help people who are dealing with similar issues like anxiety and depression and other mental illnesses! Also wanted to show support for mental awareness:)

Hi Everyone, My name is Jessica and this is a online support group page for anyone that is dealing with issues related to mental illness. There are already support pages for people dealing with anxiety and depression but none for dealing with other serious mental illnesses, which is why i wanted to create a page where people like myself can relate to other people battling the same thing!

We are not professionals nor should be considered replacement for your actual Doctors, medicine, and other professional authorities. This is simply a group designed to discuss topics and problems so we can all grow together!

Challenge Yourself Group

Hi Everyone! My name’s Jessica and I’m 25 years old from Upstate New York. We all have are own goals that we set for our selves and it may take us awhile to get there. With hard work and determination we can accomplish anything that we set our minds too. This group is for anyone and everyone that has something to accomplish whatever that something may be. Don’t give up, you will get there!




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