Featured Advocate: Anonymous from Fighting Against Stigma 3/14

featured page

delst1Anonymous:  I am 20 years old (and from Austria!). I have been struggling with anorexia and depressions (maybe borderline) since I turned 14.

Since then I have been on medication (which helps a lot). I had also to be taken into hospital because of psychosomatic cramps in my stomach, from time to time. I also grew up with a mother struggling herself with an anxiety disorder and depressions.

I’ve started my page ( now in German too) because I want to break the silence surrounding mental health and illness. It has encouraged me a lot, to see I am not alone and I do not have to be ashamed, because I need and ask for help.

I also want to inform people about the differences between the various disorders, etc. on my page.
And I want to encourage other people and help to understand people with an mental illness – there is nothing to “just snap out of” or “get over”!

Fighting Against Stigma: Fighting against the stigma of mental illness!



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