Featured Advocate: Laura from Think Positive, Think F.I.T – Facing Illness Together 3/18

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delthinkLaura: I am an advocate because I believe that mental illnesses are one of the most difficult type of illnesses to manage for the sufferer – partly because of the nature of such illnesses, but also because there is still so much stigma attached to mental illness.

Therefore I created a supportive community called Facing Illness Together – a website and various social media sites including two Facebook pages and connected groups, whereby anyone facing a chronic mental illness, or physical, can join to be a part of a group of people who are all Facing Illness Together! – and that way it’s a little easier to manage illness, and there’s the opportunity to meet others in similar situations, share stories and advice, and just be yourself.

Think Positive, Think F.I.T – Facing Illness Together

This is the Sister Page to the Facing Illness Together Page. This page is for chronic illness peeps who choose to Think Positive 🙂 F.I.T – Facing Illness Together, is a community on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram and the F.I.T website, aiming to support anyone facing a chronic illness over the age of 18. Please support us by liking our page and sharing on your news feed…


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