Featured Advocate: Bobbie from It’s The Depression Talking TRIGGER WARNING 4/5

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delbobbBobbie: I became a mental health advocate and author (“It’s The Depression Talking: A Self-Help Memoir “) after spending two years in a horrendous bout of severe depression. I have been a sufferer since my early twenties. In my mid-forties I found myself detached, isolated, in tears constantly, and suicidal for the first time. What scares me the most is, my suicidal ideation didn’t even scare me. With the help of medication and a good doctor, I got better and wrote my book, started a blog, and a Facebook page for other sufferers.

Sometimes an inspirational quote on Facebook can change someone’s day. Reading a book about someone else’s struggle helps people to know they are not alone. I want uneducated people to hear what a REAL day in the life of someone who is severely depressed is like, so they can relate better to their loved ones who struggle

. I want to give other sufferers someone they can relate to, as well. I think I achieved that in my book by being brutally honest about depression. I just wanted to help lend a voice through my own experience.


“In my formative years I had social phobia and extreme separation anxiety from my parents. I had my first panic attack at fifteen years old, and was diagnosed with anxiety. Ultimately, in my mid-twenties, I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression. 

I have quit numerous jobs, I have been on disability, I have isolated myself for months at a time–several times over the years. I have slept years away to escape my pain. I lost precious time with my children and family. I lost my life, up to this point, because of depression.”

Finally a book that does not sugarcoat the reality of depression. Learn how I slowly pulled myself out of a horrendous two year depression that had me bedridden, and suicidal for the first time.

Whether you are a sufferer, or you care for someone that is, my truth will change the way you relate to depression.

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