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Featured Advocate: Cindy from Beautiful Warrior Chicks 3/17

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delbeautCindy:  I am a mental health advocate because I grew up with a father that is a paranoid schizophrenic and I also have an uncle that was diagnosed the same. Growing up I didn’t know of advocacy or groups that could help families cope and adjust to the changes (of course we also didn’t have technology like we do now). I decided to learn more about mental health so I went to school and I have a bachelors in psychology but I also plan on returning and getting a degree in counseling with my focus being mental health once the baby is a little older. I want to help families that may be going through what I went through

Beautiful Warrior Chicks  Encouragement and support for those trying to cope with the rejection and hardship of having a family member that has a mental illness. Website



Featured Advocate: Anonymous from The Misadventures of a Bipolar 20-Something 2/12

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delcraig2Anonymous: think I’m an advocate because of the memes I make in support of mental health

The Misadventures of a Bipolar 20-Something Crazy talks, normal balksI share my poems, memes and otherwise disordered remnants* left behind while living with a mood disorder. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do 🙂

*Content pertains to mental health, drugs, sex, and other mature themes that are not meant to be viewed by people who would be offended.

I love having an outlet for my mental health related stuff.  If I shared this stuff with my real life people they would quickly tire of all of it. Thank you for your love and attention, however fleeting it may be 😀


Featured Advocate: Jessica from Mental Illness Support Page and Challenge Yourself (Group) 8/4, 2/8

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delete11Jessica:  I’m an advocate because I have struggled with Mental Illness my entire life and I wanted to help people that struggle with it too. Also I want to help end this stigma that’s built around mental illness. I’m trying  to create  awareness out their for mental health.

I’m 25 years old from Upstate New York. When I was 12 I was first diagnosed with Bi polar 2, major depressive disorder, borderline personaility, schizoeffective disorder, & general anxiety disorder. As a kid I always knew I was different then other kids around me.

I always wanted to be alone and different have many friends. Through the years my mental illness made it difficult for me to live a “normal life”. Despite the fact that I was called “a highly functioning bi polar person”. Meaning I was able to go to school, drive and work. What I was unable to do was finish school(dropped out of college, stress got the best of me), work(have had multiple jobs in the past 10 years due).

I have been through many relationships and was divorced at 24 years old. When I reached my twenties I developed bad social anxiety causing me to withdrawal myself from the world. After therapy didn’t work, I decided to start my own “support group” to find people out in the world that were going through the same things. I wanted to let them know they are not alone. I want people to know that we are not victims, our disorder doesn’t define who we are inside.

Youtube :  I share videos about my take on different mental health topics as well as my personal tips and journal videos.

Mental Illness Support Page
del57Mental illness is a long hard battle to go through. Lets fight this battle together!

To help people who are dealing with similar issues like anxiety and depression and other mental illnesses! Also wanted to show support for mental awareness:)

Hi Everyone, My name is Jessica and this is a online support group page for anyone that is dealing with issues related to mental illness. There are already support pages for people dealing with anxiety and depression but none for dealing with other serious mental illnesses, which is why i wanted to create a page where people like myself can relate to other people battling the same thing!

We are not professionals nor should be considered replacement for your actual Doctors, medicine, and other professional authorities. This is simply a group designed to discuss topics and problems so we can all grow together!

Challenge Yourself Group

Hi Everyone! My name’s Jessica and I’m 25 years old from Upstate New York. We all have are own goals that we set for our selves and it may take us awhile to get there. With hard work and determination we can accomplish anything that we set our minds too. This group is for anyone and everyone that has something to accomplish whatever that something may be. Don’t give up, you will get there!


Featured Advocate: Michelle from Michelle May Krack 2/6

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delmichelleMichelle: I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 25 years ago, age 31, I was married 12 years and my children at the time were 11, 9, 7, 2. I want to help fight the amount of stigma involved with mental illnesses.

I want to help fight the amount of stigma involved with mental illnesses. My experiences as a mental health patient made me realize there needed to be more support for myself and others with mental illness.

I am a peer recovery advocate at the PEACE Zone peer-run recovery center helping others in the community with mental illness. It’s a safe haven to offer support for hope and recovery. I am involved withNAMI, as a presenter for its Family to Family Program, and I was recently awarded the Mental Health America of Indiana 2014 Consumer Advocate Award

I share my story of hope and recovery at local hospitals with the PEACE Zone outreach program. I have written a book, “Michelle May Crack”, a story that shares advocacy along with life struggles with mental illness and offers hope for recovery. Twitter

Michelle May Krack – Author Mental health advocate, bipolar recovery. Author of “Michelle May Crack” (November 2014 release).


Featured Advocate: Shay from Life, Love, and Lithium 1/31

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del shayShay: I’m a mental health advocate due to my long struggle with multiple diagnosis. Some of the things I experienced were terrifying and at the same time forced me to accept that my life was forever changed and accept it wholeheartedly.
My experience has taught me so much and altered what I thought was reality.

I learned through therapy that talking really helped me so I began an online support group for young women battling mental health issues. I found through counseling how knowledgeable I’d become due to my own trauma and dove straight into helping these girls with all I had.

I’m also a passionate writer and utilize that outlet tremendously for comfort aimed towards me, but others who could read my blog and walk away feeling like they learned something new about themselves. My dream is to become an advocacy writer. It’s something that I feel like I’m destined to do. I’m a helper, not a fighter.

Life, Love, and Lithium A gorgeous paged focused on providing inspirational, educational, and artistic elements to the mental health community. The concept behind LLNL’s page is to create a mental health community with a creative and artful twist. Not only will the Admins share experiences through writing, we will also offer art and music, inspirational items, discussions, and much more. We focus primarily on bipolar disorder, however we will continuously bring new perspectives on other mental illnesses to the table that are creative and educational. Blog


Featured Advocate: Corrine from No More Excuses – Bullying Must End Now 1/19

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del55Corrine: I am advocate because t the age of 33 I was finally diagnosed with bipolar and severe anxiety. I don’t want any young person to go through the stigma of being rejected for mental health reasons.  I started the page on the basis of anti-bullying. Our page evolved somewhat because we learned – some of us from first hand experience – that continued persecution, from those that are supposed to love and support us continues the cycle of self hatred and self destructive behavior.

So we continue to try to find pages, groups, etc., to share a positive message to try to break the cycle of bullying that is leading to more and more depression and mental health breaks in our kids/tweens. and young teens. There are now a number of admins helping with our page and many who share information on our page and we are so thankful for them all.

No More Excuses – Bullying Must End Now: Stand up against Bullying Now! Protect our young people and those who are vulnerable because of physical of mental health challenges. Make States, Provinces, Territories and Countries responsible for protecting their young people. 


Featured Advocate: Heather from Bipolar Awareness & Support Power Page 1/18

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delbip3Heather: I am an Advocate because I am a victim of the mental illness , bipolar disorder , However I am also a survivor . I was diagnosed at the age of 22 . My journey has been rocky and tough . As many know who suffer as well with this illness , it can completely take over your body and mind time and time again.

I have had far too many episodes that have almost taken my life , however I have seemed to get through them all . I have been very lucky to have a wonderful family support system that has stood by me through the years . It hasn’t been easy for them either . With the symptoms that come along with this illness , it can devastate a family.

There are no words to explain the feelings of not being able to control your own mind and body when the illness takes over . It’s the most fearful feeling to have in the world . It is also a horrible feeling to have when you feel alone . When you feel there is something wrong with you and you have no clue what it is or why your have the feelings you have .

I have learned through my experience’s that having some kind of support system is crucial to your recovery plan . This is why I have created Bipolar Awareness and Support Power Page . This is a page where you may come to when you feel down , alone , helpless and lost . Here is where we understand what you are going through and have been in your shoes . We are a family support system to those in need . We are here to give a caring heart , listen with ears wide open and reach out our hands to grasp you in your darkest hours . We are waiting and ready to support you as well . So please stop by and join in the power to support .

delbip Bipolar Awareness & Support Power Page I am a Victim & Survivor of Bipolar Disorder, If you are too than you understand and know that this illness is a battle not only for ourselves but others.

Please don’t judge Mental Illness as Craziness , it is so much more . Please take time to understand it, help end the stigma‘s behind it and spread awareness about it . It takes massive amounts of strength from the ones suffering and can have devastated effects on their loved ones and has tons of ups and downs . There is also massive amounts of good to it as well . We challenge you to be strong with Us !
Being on a lifetime roller coaster of emotions day in & day out is one of the most exhausting feelings . You think roller
coaster & fun but to us bipolar ones we think a couple more bumps , few more twists , a
lot more flips and maybe just maybe if we are lucky the ride may calm a bit for rest . Not only & boy do I speak from experience does this illness affect us but it affects our loved ones around us to the core . This is more than a tearful , heartbreaking journey of life to have to take for any of us involved . So my hopes for creating this page is for all that suffer and thier loved ones to come together for support on the behalf of all and try to find some peace . Please come together with Us and give us a chance to prove we are more than CRAZY and there is Hope .

Featured Advocate: Jo from The living hell that is bipolar 10/22

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del78Jo: I am advocate because I am a recovering alcoholic and am living with the hell that is bipolar disorder. I started this page to have a safe place to vent without feeling judged by others,to share experiences in a safe place.

The living hell that is bipolar
I am a married 40 something with 2 grown up sons 1 recovering alcoholic mother all I want is to enjoy life instead of living the hell that is bipolar(Jo1)

This page is about how I cope or not with bipolar,its for sharing our experinces supporting each other to get through the rough & smooth that comes with bipolar. I would like people to feel they can share with others and also enjoy the page be able to have some banter with each other. Share how different treatments are implemented in different parts of thr world anyway enough of my blabbling.


Featured Advocate: Jodi from The Homeschooling Adventures of Asperger Boy and Bipolar Girl 10/4

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del54Jodi:  I am an advocate because I home school a son with asperger’s and a daughter with bipolar disorder. I began my page to chronicle the triumphs and difficulties of homeschooling them.  Along the way, it’s gotten really wild!

The Homeschooling Adventures of Asperger Boy and Bipolar Girl

This is the journey of a soon-to-be single mother trying to raise & homeschool two medically and psychologically (i.e. mental illness) children by the seat of her pants. This is told from the viewpoint of a parent living this life day to day. Website



Mental Illness Awareness Week October 5-11


Mental Health Advocates United posted definitions of some of the mental illnesses each day during Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW).  Posts from each day can be found below. A description of MIAW can be  found below the definitions.MIAW day 1 miaw day 2 MIAW day 3 miaw day 4 miaw day 5 miaw day 6 miaw day 7


NAMI: In 1990, the U.S. Congress established the first full week of October as Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW) in recognition of NAMI’s efforts to raise mental illness awareness. Since then, mental health advocates across the country have joined with others in their communities to sponsor activities, large or small, for public education about mental illness.

Why is MIAW important?

Each year millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental health condition. During the first full week of October, NAMI and participants across the country are bringing awareness to mental illness. Each year we fight stigma, provide support, educate the public and advocate for equal care. Each year, the movement grows stronger.

We believe that these issues are important to address year round, but highlighting these issues during Mental Illness Awareness Week provides a time for people to come together and display the passion and strength of those working to improve the lives of the tens of millions of Americans affected by mental illness.