Featured Advocate: Cindy from Recovery- the Journey that follows 3/26

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delembCindy: At an early age, I thought I could “save the world” and everyone in it. Elders tried to discourage me throughout my life saying “You can’t help everyone”. When I began my recovery, I was fortunate enough to have my husband by my side, but no other friends or family to be there for me in my time of need. That is when I decided to create my home online group My Journey, then later on my page Recovery- the Journey that follows. We all long for understanding, compassion, and respect. And sometimes this is easiest to find among others who share our situation or outlook. My calling was thrown into full mode in no time. I enjoy helping people, hearing their stories, helping them get down to the root of their addiction, giving them the resources they need, and listening to them vent or ask for support.

Recovery- the Journey that follows:  Addiction, recovery, mental and chronic illness, self mutilation, etc. We provide inspiration and the resources needed to cope/overcome your struggle ❤️

Group: My Journey is a place where men & women can comeand support each other through life’s difficulties. It is where we strive to build an online family. We all long for understanding, compassion, and respect. And sometimes it’s easiest to find this among others who share our situation or outlook. That’s where our support group comes in. There is nothing like sharing stories and experiences with others on the same path. *****We discuss addiction, recovery, depression, anxiety, OCD, bipolar, chronic illnesses, and self harm.

Our group is a tight-knit family, where we can be free and comfortable with one another, without feeling judged or criticized.
Feel free to post any question you may have for fellow members, or myself.



Featured Advocate: Norm from Bi Polar Awareness/Support Bipolar Research 8/17


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delete49Norm: I am an advocate because our son, Scott, was bipolar. His suicide note stated that he wanted people to be aware of the Bipolar illness.
Bi Polar Awareness/Support Bipolar Research

This page is an open forum for people with Bi-Polar and for the loved ones and friends of Bi-Polar. By supporting these people and being proactive, we can conquer this terrible illness.



Featured Advocate: Carissa from Mental health on a serious note 8/3

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delete7Carissa: I am an advocate because  I was diagnosed with mixed symptom bipolar with anxiety disorder about a year and a half ago. I have suffered with issues most my life and have been in denial as well as scared to reach out for help because of the stigma that is placed on it.

Even when I went through the lpn program in 2008 and then began working as a nurse and was exposed to similar situations and educated on the issue I was still scared to reach out. It was my wonderful husband who told me one day that I really needed to do something.

After only a short marriage of a couple years I was terrified of losing him. I realized I was doing him and my children more harm then good and they deserved a better me. So I reached out and started the road to becoming healthy. Since then I have to admit I feel much better and I see the difference it makes for my family. I have started to overcome my fear of admitting my struggles and want to help others do the same. I hate how society places a stigmata on mental health and how it effects those suffering. I hope to make a difference the best way I know how. And helping others with situations like mine and families struggling like mine did is the best way I know to start.

Mental health on a serious note
This page is created for those struggling with anxiety, depression, bipolar, PTSD and other mental health issues.

Too many suffer with mental health and are misunderstood and feel lost. This is meant to bring those with similar situations together. Please spread the page to friends and family that may enjoy a fresh outlook. The more we share the more supportive this page will be. Have a question or need advice? Want to know opinions and responses of the public but want to remain anonymous…send it in a message and as soon as possible the topic will be posted for you! Then you can see all the comments to follow with no one knowing it was you. This page is meant to help answers questions you may have and need advise from others with similar experiences.


Featured Advocate: Sharon from Hope and Healing-San Diego Mental Health Resources 7/24

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sharonSharon: I’m a mental health advocate because 20 years ago, when a psychiatrist advised me to go to an intensive out-patient program due to my bipolar disorder, my response was “I’m not crazy.” My life became out-of-control…..Finally, after more than 10 years, I became desperate, and found the right treatment. I am finally stable. Maybe if I had taken his advice, I would have gotten the help I needed sooner. But there was that self-stigma. I was ashamed. I want to help to decrease the stigma to save others from the pain that I went through. Thank you for what you’re doing!!

I want to help others, so I’ve written “Hope and Healing-San Diego Mental Health Resources.

Hope and Healing-San Diego Mental Health Resources
I’ve had bipolar disorder for over 20 years. My goal is to provide mental health resources and support. Please “like” & visit
1. To encourage people to seek help for mental health challenges. There are many wonderful resources available, like those found on this page.2. To show that recovery is possible. For me, recovery is living a productive life. I want to give people hope.
I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 25 years ago. This book describes my struggles and shares resources that have helped me get better. I hope it will save you time and energy, leading you to a better, healthier life.My life was pretty messed up until about 8 years ago. I want to show that there is hope for people with mental illness, and we can heal!!A note from a reader: 🙂 “It is an excellent (Mental Health) resource directory for San Diego. Basically, it’s everything I spent years learning on my own in a non-preachy, nonjudgmental book, and without any fluff filler to wade through.” -Danielle Muirsharon2

Featured Advocate: Tigeress from The Ups & Downs In The UK and USA 6/27

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ukTigeress: I decided to become an advocate because of my life of abuse & mental health. I went through domestic violence as a child & my mum also has bipolar & she is narcissistic person. Throughout my childhood she was in & out of hospital from being sectioned.  I did not understand when I was younger & got told my mum was ill.

I had my first child at 15 in which I had severe postnatal  depression. My mum tried to get me sectioned under the mental health act but I got diagnosed with postnatal depression & I’ve suffered with depression most of my life.

More recently in 2012 I left my ex narcissistic psychopath partner in 2012 because of domestic violence.  I was mentally emotionally,spiritually & verbally on the odd occasion physically abused for a 10 year period,why I decided to get up & walk is because of my sanity & my youngest child still at home my daughter

It has been a hard 2 years we have had to moved around the ul into women refuges but now we have our own home now & we are happish,it has been hard my daughter has ptsd & has tried killing herself 5 times in the past year she also self harms & is suicidal,she now has professional help from camns & goes to a special school for children with emotional needs etc…

I have ptsd & depresion & I’m waiting to see a doctor about some medication for my ptsd as i took myself of medication because it was doing nothing for me,& waiting for mdr I think it’s called treatment, I do believe I’ve had ptsd since I was very young but because no one knew a lot about it when i was younger i could not be diagnosed or my mother didn’t want me to,my day to day life can a roller coaster, but I’m much better than what i was,i believe that no one should ever be ashamed of who they are & if you have mental health problem please speak up about it & do not let anyone stop you from using your voice,once you make that first step in getting help you are on your way to recovery, I love working on the page it keeps me busy & helping other people in similar situations has been a very big part in my healing,i love taking my dog for walks to & listening to music,in fact that I have done all afternoon listen to music as when I get a trigger it soothes it i think.

I was not allowed to go to the doctors when I was with my ex. He used to call me a weak woman if I did for my health,& I think the worst thing to say to someone with a mental health illness is you look healthy ,I don’t know how many times I’ve had that said to me when really I’m feeling like crap i have insomnia & anxiety so some days are bad but most are good ,I want people to know they are not alone & that there is help out there & people do care,do not suffer in silence like I did for years.

Ups & Downs In The UK and USA
Hi thank you for taking a look at my page,no matter what life frows at us we can get through it,stop stigma of domestic violence,mental health xxx
Thank you for taking a look at my page,thought i would tell you a little bit about myself,I’m a single mum of 3 children,two boys in which have left home now & are enjoying being young men,& a teenage daughter that is at home with me,i started this page because i know how it feels to hurt & like your life is crashing down around you,to be hurt by someone you thought loves you,i fled domestic violence in 2012 from a partner i was with for 10 years he is a narcissistic & pyschopath,one of my close family members are a narcissistic to,i went through domestic violence as a child,me & my daughter have ptsd ,also my daughter self-harms & is suicidal,we are in recovery now & healing but it is going to be a long process,our life was turned upside down, i want people to know that no matter how hard life seems your can get through it just believe in yourself & there are people out there that love & care for you & want to help you,you are not alone,anyone in an abusive relationship please get help & any survivors out there please tell your story as it could inspire & help someone else in the same situation you was man or woman,i will be sharing a mixture of things on my page sad & funny thing,i hope you all enjoy,please smile & keep faith that things will get better in life.

Featured Advocate: Monica from Life, Addiction and Recovery 6/22

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laarMonica: I am an advocate because  I suffer from PTSD, Depression, Bipolar, and Borderline Personality Disorder. It is overwhelming sometimes with all I have to deal with. But God gets me through every day, one step at a time.

Life, Addiction and Recovery 

This is a page about Addiction, what we go through in life and Recovery. It’s a little bit for everyone to read and enjoy!


Featured Advocate: Michelle from Crazy Nannie’s riding the rollercoaster and it won’t stop 6/20

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bbMichelle: I am a mental health advocate because I have bipolar, anxiety and fibro. My son has mental issues and I also work with students with special needs. I am also the owner of the page Bipolar Blonde Butterfly.

Crazy Nannie’s riding the rollercoaster and it won’t stop 
Just a fun page for crazy people!

Featured Advocate: Christina from Awesome Autism/Special needs parents 5/26

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autpar2Christina: I am an advocate because our lil man, Christopher is autistic.. high functioning and is bipolar.  I am too. We have very little support . My husband is amazing and my best friend who is like a sister to me are our #1 supports. Chris was diagnosed with autism at 2. and bipolar around 8. I saw the symptoms. I was 15 , 16 when diagnosed. The horror of it is in December. He was just off. Not himself. Very quiet. Wanted to go to sleep. Did not even want to read a bed time story with me. So I tucked him in.. Came back out to the living room. It was quiet…All of a sudden I heard this dreadful noise! I bolted. Oh my dear god..I found him hanging. The sound I heard was choking. I froze. But got him down etc. Thank God I was as close as I was. I stay away from the “what if’s”. He was admitted to child psych . He was miserable. “Why can’t I be like everyone else” They did a med change and he has been doing awesome. We both see our own Doctors  and I keep the stress level as low as possible. I try to, but I have severe PTSD from that night. But it is much better. People are so hateful. critical . It is so sad there is not enough advocacy! We do what we can. 

Awesome Autism/Special needs parents

As parents to our autistic angel boy (11), I know we all need a place to vent, laugh, cry, share etc. To share this journey together. Welcome one & all!


Featured Advocate: Yvonne from Youth Drug Awareness and Prevention 4/28

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youthYvonne: I became an advocate for mental health after the drug overdose death of my 19 year old daughter Alyssa.

She had demons to fight and chose to fight them with drugs. I had taken her to several therapists and she wouldn’t talk. She went down the wrong road.
I now talk to teens in groups in our county. I also hold a rally in our county every September to bring awareness to our community about drugs.
I am a board member of a non-profit that helps put teens into rehab.
My daughter’s dad ( my ex-husband) is bi-polar and treatment resistant. This caused a lot of problems in our marriage and with my daughter.
Mental health treatment is so very important. It can lead to managing a fairly normal (whatever that is ) life.
youth2This page has  been created in honor of Alyssa K Whelan who passed away at the age of 19 due to a heroin overdose. It’s our mission to promote drug awareness and prevention among our kids.This page was started out of frustration of trying to get my local government to listen to my anti-drug message. I spoke at many County Government meetings trying to promote better drug education and awareness for our youth. I went to the State Capitol of Annapolis, Maryland and spoke to The Maryland General Assembly. Same old story. “We understand what you are trying to do, but our hands are tied.”
I decided to take the message “to the streets” so to speak. There is a quote by Mother Teresa that says, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, feed just one.”
So I am speaking to youth groups and trying to educate through this page.
As the mother of a child that has passed on, I pour my heart out to you.
Thanks for being here.






Featured Advocate: Michelle from Bipolar Blonde Butterfly 3/30


ImageMichelle: I am bipolar and I also work with special needs children. I have watched them grow up and struggle with addictions and homelessness. My son is addicted to spice (k2) and steals and lies to get it. He says he’s so depressed he wants to smoke until he dies. They need help. My son will not get help and says he is not “crazy like I am.”

I finally got help for myself a few years ago and was diagnosed with bipolar 1. The meds have saved my life. I wish accessing mental health care would be a reality for everyone. I am still able to work, almost 40 years old. But I still have days when I don’t want to get out of bed. I think everyone hates me and I am not good enough. My husband doesn’t pay attention to me. Last year when I was on topamax, I had an affair. I am back home with my husband now and we are trying to work it out. But maybe he is lying and is only having me hear because I’m mentally unstable.

I am willing to do my part to help end the stigma and support people who need help.

Bipolar Blonde Butterfly

My place…here it is.

I am a teacher and a writer.