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Featured Advocate: Suny from Finding The Spark : The Journey Of Seeing Past Mental Illness 4/6

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delsparkSuny: The reason I am fighting stigma is a long one. I was diagnosed in 93 at 14. The stigma forced me to hide and seclude and miss out on a lot of years of healthy life. If I can help anyone not go through the struggle I have been through I will consider it a success. Far too many people are hiding and secluding because of unnecessary shame associated with mental illness. With a combined effort we can truly Stop the Stigma

Finding The Spark : The Journey Of Seeing Past Mental Illness

This a documentary showing how we can defeat mental illness and the stigmas associated with it.

This is a documentary dealing with the stigma associated with mental illness. Far too many people are suffering from something they are scared to talk about due to shame or pride. Needless suffering has to stop. forcing people to isolate more than their illness makes them needs to stop. This movie will open a pathway of communication about the struggles of finding health in a society that is not very helpful. Take part in the process of change and stop the stigma.


Featured Advocate: Marie from Tasteful Truths 2/19

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deltastMarie: I am an advocate because I know what it is like to feel like you do not have a voice. I know how hard it is to have words formed at the tip of your tongue but, never allowing them to fall out any further because of fear and shame. Fear of being judged and shame of being “ill”. I am an advocate for those who have not yet found their voice. I am an advocate for those who are still finding words to form their story. I am an advocate because having a mental illness is not something to be ashamed of. The world needs to hear everybody’s voice and story and I am hear for that.

Tasteful Truths The truth of having a mental illness from my point of view and others; worded as tastefully as possible.

Ever since I can remember I have battled an eating disorder; a disease that has the highest mortality rate of an other mental illness. Accompanying the eating disorder was always the bouts of depression, anxiety, and occasional OCD. I hid my eating disorder the best I could because there was so much shame in having it. It wasn’t until I was able to separate myself from my eating disorder (with the help of a wonderful treatment team and the book Life Without ED) that I understood an eating disorder was an illness; a serious life threatening illness.

I am now in my late twenties and I hear people bash not only eating disorders but other mental illnesses as well. This is simply a page with my thoughts and occasional quotes and inspiring photos to encourage people who are fighting a mental illness to keep going.  Website


Featured Advocate: Julie from Voices 2/11

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delvoicesJulie: I am an advocate because it is what has to be done. I have mental illness, I have family with mental illness . I also worked for Crisis Services including answering the suicide hotline. In our community Decatur Morgan County it is next to impossible to get treatment in a timely manner and with out insurance or stacks of money you go without completely. I am resolved to change this for the better. I am determined to be a voice for those who cannot speak up for themselves.

Voices All people need access to affordable timely mental healthcare in Decatur Alabama and surrounding area. Together we can fix this problem.


Featured Advocate: Dr. Rodman from Dr. Psych Mom 10/28

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del6Dr. Rodman: I’m a mental health advocate because I’m a clinical psychologist in private practice, and I know how hard it is to struggle with mental health issues.

Dr. Psych Mom

Dr. Samantha Rodman is a mom of 3 and a therapist in the DC area. Washington Post, HuffPost, Scary Mommy, Babble, PsychCentral, J-Date, Patti Knows.

Website  Twitter


Featured Advocate: Anonymous from The Faces of PTSD 10/26

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del84Anonymous: I am an advocate because I was diagnosed with PTSD and I realize many who have this diagnosis are dealing with some of the same issues I am, such as acceptance, isolation from family and friends, depression, etc., I thought starting a page would be a good way to connect and provide an outlet for others. PTSD is just coming into the spotlight as affecting others who have been through different types of trauma other than being in combat, which is what most of society thinks of when they hear the term “PTSD”. It is also giving me a way to heal…just another part of my journey.

The Faces of PTSD

PTSD affects people without discrimination. It’s not just about being military…it’s about the battles we all face daily just to survive.
This is a public page…not a private group. Anyone can see posts and comments made on this page. If you would like to speak privately, or would like information on groups to join, please use the message button at the top of this page. I will reply as soon as possible.
This page is to raise awareness of PTSD. As a trauma survivor, I feel that more people should know about the effects of this disorder in order to give hope and help to others. Anyone can suffer from PTSD…anyone…men, women, children, elderly. It can be caused by abuse, natural disasters, witnessing car accidents, witnessing deaths/suicides, losing a loved one in a traumatic event. Survivors with PTSD may also experience survivor’s guilt, anxiety, insomnia, emotional instability, etc. We as survivors need support and understanding, not stigmas.
I would like to have the stigma of “mental illness” erased by providing all the information I can to help those in need.

Featured Advocate: Momma from Rantings of an ADHD Mom 10/25

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del82Momma:  I started my page as a mental health outlet for me. This page morphed into an online community of individuals who feel they can reach out to me and to each other to better understand the great impact Autism has on our children, on our relationships, and on our families. my goal is to ensure that no individual, whether autistic or neurotypical feels alone or isolated.


Hey friends Do you have exceptional kids driving you crazy? Do they say things that make you laugh til you cry? ASD? PDD-NOS? Gifted and talented? me too
Momma F is the in serious pain (she hurt her back and it’s not getting any better) ADHD Mom of three exceptional kids, L9, M6 and E3. One, her youngest, falls somewhere on the autism spectrum…her sweet angel. She wants to share with you, her family the daily rantings that keep her crazy, sane and head over heels in love with her kids and her best beloved…watch from the sidelines or be part of the show…but now you know what she is doing when she is not “home” visiting…watch out though-she is not holding back…enjoy My Autism-Regression-spectrum Mom blog/rantings and let me know your thoughts on all matters, I am listening, whining, exhausted and silly-YOU ARE NOT ALONE though the many trials of raising exceptional children, gifted, learning disabled, different, they are all exceptional and if you’ve found me, like me you are looking for people who “get it,” and I do…it’s not easy but it is totally worth the ride! Enjoy.

Featured Advocate: J from Mental Health Mission 10/20

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del74J: I am an advocate because I have always had a great interest in mental health, and, since being affected by mental illness personally, it is my mission to help break down the stigma attached to mental illness and to show nothing but love, care and acceptance to those who are struggling. I have a particular interest in stopping the stigma currently attached to personality disorders.

Mental Health Mission
This page aims to raise awareness, promote recovery and help to end the stigma of mental health illnesses and addictions.
Thank you for visiting the page. I am a long term sufferer of different mental health illnesses. I have personally suffered from depression, anxiety, OCD and BPD – (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder & Borderline Personality Disorder).My OCD started at 9 years old and is still with me today, my depression is also still with me but I am doing much better and the BPD reared its ugly head in a big way this year landing me in a psychiatric unit 6 times.I am now on the road to recovery and would like to spread positive recovery tips and pictures, talk about my experiences and also go into more depth about certain illnesses which are highly stigmatised.Hopefully spreading awareness on mental health issues will help to stop people from flippantly saying statements like “im so OCD about that” and “im so depressed today” which makes the illness seem insignificant when in fact it ruins lives.

Other admins also run this page who have varying issues with mental health and addictions.  Website


Featured Advocate: Lisa from Quirks and Chaos 10/14

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del60Lisa: I became an advocate to help raise awareness for autism and for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Knowledge and education empowers people. When there is less fear of the unknown then there will be less bullying.

Quirks and Chaos

I’m a mother of 7, the youngest 2 have special needs. We have a son with autism & an adopted daughter from Russia w Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and ADHD.



Featured Advocate: Lindsay from Parenting Children with Mental & Emotional Disorders 10/2

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del42Lindsay: I am an advocate because I have been dealing with my two younger children’s issues for the past 10 years. I have learned so much. I wanted to share with people around the word that mental disabilities in children are real . When we need to vent or discuss issues we face daily , we can all relate on the page. A lot of parents don’t like to be ridiculed on their regular Facebook pages . I have helped moms with information that are in the same situation as me . They have also helped me .

Parenting Children with Mental & Emotional Disorders
A community for parents & caregivers to give & receive advice and resources

Hi everyone ! I am a mother of 4 boys . Two of my boys ages 6, 9 have been diagnosed with several disorders. I created this page so other mothers that are dealing with these issues can share their stories . I hope we can all help each other . Everyone’s situation is unique and no two situations or children are the same . We may have comparisons . I know 1st hand how difficult and lonely it is dealing with everything hat comes along with emotional/behavioral/mental Disorders.


Featured Advocate(s): Anna and other admins of Sisterhood of Survivors: from Bpd/npd, Psychopaths and Sociopaths 10/1

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del50Anna: All of the sisters on our page are survivors and thrivers of past relationships with narcissistic, sociopathic, and psychopathic partners. Our goal is advocacy and awareness so that we may help break the silence on domestic violence!

Sisterhood of Survivors: from Bpd/npd, Psychopaths and Sociopaths

This is a safe and secure Home for women who have been involved with a pathological partner who want/need to create healthy and supportive relationships with other women (sisters) who have tragically walked in the same shoes of abuse.