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Featured Advocate: Suny from Finding The Spark : The Journey Of Seeing Past Mental Illness 4/6

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delsparkSuny: The reason I am fighting stigma is a long one. I was diagnosed in 93 at 14. The stigma forced me to hide and seclude and miss out on a lot of years of healthy life. If I can help anyone not go through the struggle I have been through I will consider it a success. Far too many people are hiding and secluding because of unnecessary shame associated with mental illness. With a combined effort we can truly Stop the Stigma

Finding The Spark : The Journey Of Seeing Past Mental Illness

This a documentary showing how we can defeat mental illness and the stigmas associated with it.

This is a documentary dealing with the stigma associated with mental illness. Far too many people are suffering from something they are scared to talk about due to shame or pride. Needless suffering has to stop. forcing people to isolate more than their illness makes them needs to stop. This movie will open a pathway of communication about the struggles of finding health in a society that is not very helpful. Take part in the process of change and stop the stigma.