Featured Advocate: Sheri from Depression 2/5

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deldepSheri: I am an advocate because as a survivor of domestic violence, I suffer from severe depression and PTSD and believe it is my duty to try to reach as many people as possible. I want to share my story and make them realize they are not alone and they have no reason to feel guilty or ashamed.


We are people with a passion to help our fellow man, we are people just like you that have been through Depression, and through our struggles in life we are dedicated to help you no matter what you’r background / religion / race. Our views and opinions are our own and not that of others, we are not Doctors nor Psychiatrists we are just people that love life.



Featured Advocate: Embla from Sometimes 1/20

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delsomwEmbla: I am an advocate because¬†I was sexually, physically and mentally abused from aprox 2 ys old. The sexual abuse stopped when I was 16, the rest continued. I broke it of with my family abusers or silent witnesses). Then I had 3 violent relationships in a row, mixed with eating-disorders, cutting myself, suicide attempts, severe depressions., Complex PTSD. etc …
Have also had my share of therapists who say “so tired of people blaming their child-hood”
I’m tired of abuse, tired of stigma, tired of rumours, tired of people putting others down through violence, fear etc Just SO tired of all the darkness in this world, brought upon us by ignorant and hateful people mostly
I’m determined to fight against it till I no longer have to.


Share thoughts about Mentall Illness, Cronic disease, faith, everyday life and fleeting thoughts. None of the pictures are mine only my words.

My name is Embla. I am admin and owner of this page. I have a history of being abused in every fashion from birth till 10 years ago= aprox 35 years. I am Introvert aprox 90 %, functioning as long as I can hide every now and then. My past, apart from abuse, also contains: self harm, eating disorders, deep depressions, suicide attempts.

PTSD and panic attacks still are present in my life, but I’ve learned control tricks. Sort of brainwashing myself often, and releasing it all in safe ways. I am passionate about helping others, just being there or activly. I am also a huge animal-lover, I trust animals more than people really. You may call me animal-activist ūüėČ

Faith wise I am Old-Style Asatro, the original Scandinavian Asatro. Which have nothing to do with Asatro outside Scandinavia… Half naked “women” and men running around drinking themselves sensless and screaming Hail… Is not what this faith is about. I care about people, and want to help where I can. I fully believe there is a way for everyone to a happier self image.


Featured Advocate: Anonymous from The Faces of PTSD 10/26

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del84Anonymous: I am an advocate because I was diagnosed with PTSD and I realize many who have this diagnosis are dealing with some of the same issues I am, such as acceptance, isolation from family and friends, depression, etc., I thought starting a page would be a good way to connect and provide an outlet for others. PTSD is just coming into the spotlight as affecting others who have been through different types of trauma other than being in combat, which is what most of society thinks of when they hear the term “PTSD”. It is also giving me a way to heal…just another part of my journey.

The Faces of PTSD

PTSD affects people without discrimination. It’s not just about being military…it’s about the battles we all face daily just to survive.
This is a public page…not a private group. Anyone can see posts and comments made on this page. If you would like to speak privately, or would like information on groups to join, please use the message button at the top of this page. I will reply as soon as possible.
This page is to raise awareness of PTSD. As a trauma survivor, I feel that more people should know about the effects of this disorder in order to give hope and help to others. Anyone can suffer from PTSD…anyone…men, women, children, elderly. It can be caused by abuse, natural disasters, witnessing car accidents, witnessing deaths/suicides, losing a loved one in a traumatic event. Survivors with PTSD may also experience survivor’s guilt, anxiety, insomnia, emotional instability, etc. We as survivors need support and understanding, not stigmas.
I would like to have the stigma of “mental illness” erased by providing all the information I can to help those in need.

Mental Illness Awareness Week October 5-11


Mental Health Advocates United posted definitions of some of the mental illnesses each day during Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW).  Posts from each day can be found below. A description of MIAW can be  found below the definitions.MIAW day 1 miaw day 2 MIAW day 3 miaw day 4 miaw day 5 miaw day 6 miaw day 7


NAMI:¬†In 1990, the U.S. Congress established the first full week of October as Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW) in recognition of NAMI’s efforts to raise mental illness awareness. Since then, mental health advocates across the country have joined with others in their communities to sponsor activities, large or small, for public education about mental illness.

Why is MIAW important?

Each year millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental health condition. During the first full week of October, NAMI and participants across the country are bringing awareness to mental illness. Each year we fight stigma, provide support, educate the public and advocate for equal care. Each year, the movement grows stronger.

We believe that these issues are important to address year round, but highlighting these issues during Mental Illness Awareness Week provides a time for people to come together and display the passion and strength of those working to improve the lives of the tens of millions of Americans affected by mental illness.



Featured Advocate: Anonymous from A Petal At A Time:Healing Complex PTSD 9/30

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del48Anonymous: I became an advocate because I wanted to  bring awareness to abusive relationships and the psychological toll they take on a person. Society has connected shame with mental health disorders and that is only changed by speaking truth.

A Petal At A Time:Healing Complex PTSD

I was not aware of a great deal of my traumas until a year ago. I just always felt like something was off.
During a battle with a physical illness that had been deemed terminal, I started “flooding” with repressed memories. During this time I was involved with a man that was horribly abusive and an alcoholic. He is listed as the catalyst to elevating my PTSD to Complex PTSD. I barely left that relationship with my life.I had some very vivid memories of trauma, but never emotion connected to these events. Last Fall I walked into a therapist office and explained what I was experiencing. The next several months were filled with therapy and I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD. After that diagnosis, it was apparent that I would need a team that specialized in trauma therapy. I now have an amazing team. My belief is “You have to be brave with your life so others can be brave with theirs.” I decided to make my journey public, because when I was diagnosed with PTSD, I had no idea what it was or the impact it would have on my daily life. Since my diagnosis I have left behind my career in business to focus completely on my healing

It is my desire to use my healing journey and experience to educate and remind others that they are not alone.


Featured Advocate: Anonymous from The LINES Project 9/23

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del94Anonymous: I’m an advocate for all mental health concerns, especially depression, anxiety, self-harm and PTSD. I know them very well as a result of maternal narcissistic abuse. Because of my personal experience and wishing someone had stood up for me, I created this page to be a guiding light for others who may feel the same desperation.

The LINES Project

The LINES Project is for suicide/self-harm awareness. See notes for specifics. Beware, you will see potentially triggering language/opinions/photos.


Featured Advocate: Naomi from A Secret Safe to Tell 9/13

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Naomi: I am an advocate because I am ¬†a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and have¬†battled with complex PTSD, anorexia and anxiety. Her husband says. “She is an amazing woman who is using her own experiences to support and empower others.”

Naomi Hunter A Secret Safe to Tell

Naomi Hunter is a passionate author of children’s picture story books. She writes to empower and nurture her audience through sensitive topics. ¬†Book


Featured Advocate: Anonymous from Stop Soldier Suicide 8/8

featured pagedelete25Anonymous:¬†¬†We are advocates because there are¬†¬†30+ suicides of veterans/ active duty soldiers daily. ¬† This is an EPIDEMIC and it has to stop. We lose more once they’re home than we lost on the battlefield.

Stop Soldier Suicide
One¬†active Duty Soldier and 22+ Veterans take their own lives every day. We’re here to help stop this epidemic and get our military men and women the help and support they need.
To bring awareness to, and actively curb, the growing suicide epidemic among active and veteran service members.
We believe we all have a responsibility to help our brothers and sisters in arms who suffer from the deepest, invisible wounds of war BEFORE they feel their only choice is taking their own lives.
Stop Soldier Suicide was founded and is led by ex- and active-duty military. We have a personal understanding of what our brothers and sisters are going through. The red tape, the fears, the combat, the deployments, the ‚Äúcoming home.‚ÄĚ And as such, we know the problems and issues of suicide feelings are too complex to be helped with a single answer. It might be a financial, housing, relationship, job or substance abuse issue driving feelings of overwhelment or depression. It could be physical issues of PTSD, TBI, loss of limb or paralysis. Our unique approach means every individual gets the right help and care for their situation. ¬†Website¬† delete26

Featured Advocate: Mitzi from ADHD Who Knew? 8/7

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delete23Mitzi: I am an advocate because I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 49. Who knew my lifelong issues of anxiety, depression, insomnia and PTSD were directly linked to ADHD?

I want to ¬†bring greater awareness of ADHD to people who were born in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

I also want to also bring greater awareness of the link between anxiety/depression/PTSD to ADHD. It is all linked to an overactive area in the brain causing an imbalanced state of mind.

ADHD Who Knew?
My life long issues of anxiety, depression, PTSD, workaholism, sugar addiction, impulsive spending and insomnia were more about my ADHD and less about my issues of childhood abuse. I found this quite shocking at age 49. First with medication then with Neurofeedback, I found a healthier more balanced way of living. I experienced freedom from most of my symptoms for the first time in my life. I created this page to bring greater awareness of ADHD and Neurofeedback.

Chronic issues of Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Insomnia. Workaholism, Sugar Addiction, Impulsive Spending, Hyperness, Impulsiveness and Chronic Anger/Rage can sometimes be attributed to ADHD. Neurofeedback is a remarkable healing modality that has the potential to restore balance to the brain.  Neurofeedback:

Book The Hummingbird Effect    Website 




Featured Advocate: Carissa from Mental health on a serious note 8/3

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delete7Carissa: I am an advocate because  I was diagnosed with mixed symptom bipolar with anxiety disorder about a year and a half ago. I have suffered with issues most my life and have been in denial as well as scared to reach out for help because of the stigma that is placed on it.

Even when I went through the lpn program in 2008 and then began working as a nurse and was exposed to similar situations and educated on the issue I was still scared to reach out. It was my wonderful husband who told me one day that I really needed to do something.

After only a short marriage of a couple years I was terrified of losing him. I realized I was doing him and my children more harm then good and they deserved a better me. So I reached out and started the road to becoming healthy. Since then I have to admit I feel much better and I see the difference it makes for my family. I have started to overcome my fear of admitting my struggles and want to help others do the same. I hate how society places a stigmata on mental health and how it effects those suffering. I hope to make a difference the best way I know how. And helping others with situations like mine and families struggling like mine did is the best way I know to start.

Mental health on a serious note
This page is created for those struggling with anxiety, depression, bipolar, PTSD and other mental health issues.

Too many suffer with mental health and are misunderstood and feel lost. This is meant to bring those with similar situations together. Please spread the page to friends and family that may enjoy a fresh outlook. The more we share the more supportive this page will be. Have a question or need advice? Want to know opinions and responses of the public but want to remain anonymous…send it in a message and as soon as possible the topic will be posted for you! Then you can see all the comments to follow with no one knowing it was you. This page is meant to help answers questions you may have and need advise from others with similar experiences.