Featured Advocate: Cindy from Recovery- the Journey that follows 3/26

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delembCindy: At an early age, I thought I could “save the world” and everyone in it. Elders tried to discourage me throughout my life saying “You can’t help everyone”. When I began my recovery, I was fortunate enough to have my husband by my side, but no other friends or family to be there for me in my time of need. That is when I decided to create my home online group My Journey, then later on my page Recovery- the Journey that follows. We all long for understanding, compassion, and respect. And sometimes this is easiest to find among others who share our situation or outlook. My calling was thrown into full mode in no time. I enjoy helping people, hearing their stories, helping them get down to the root of their addiction, giving them the resources they need, and listening to them vent or ask for support.

Recovery- the Journey that follows:  Addiction, recovery, mental and chronic illness, self mutilation, etc. We provide inspiration and the resources needed to cope/overcome your struggle ❤️

Group: My Journey is a place where men & women can comeand support each other through life’s difficulties. It is where we strive to build an online family. We all long for understanding, compassion, and respect. And sometimes it’s easiest to find this among others who share our situation or outlook. That’s where our support group comes in. There is nothing like sharing stories and experiences with others on the same path. *****We discuss addiction, recovery, depression, anxiety, OCD, bipolar, chronic illnesses, and self harm.

Our group is a tight-knit family, where we can be free and comfortable with one another, without feeling judged or criticized.
Feel free to post any question you may have for fellow members, or myself.


Featured Advocate: Anonymous from Parents in Recovery 1/30

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delparAnonymous: As a recovering addict myself & I also battle a mental illness, I started my page as a means to carry the message of recovery & also carry out my 12 step. I strive daily to be a source of inspiration to those in recovery or to the addict still suffering. 

Parents In Recovery This page is dedicated to the parents working to find a healthy balance between recovery & parenting after active addiction.

I dedicate this page to the Moms & Dads that work hard on a daily basis maintaining their sobriety as well as maintaining a household, a job, and/or raising kids. Recovery alone is hard work, & adding life on life’s terms can be trying at times, but I am here to let you know that you are not alone & I too can relate to the daily struggles as well as the daily blessings this beautiful life has to offer! God Bless each & every one of you! I pray that if this page reaches your news feed, & you are an addict/alcoholic that is still suffering from addiction of any sort, that you reach out & get the necessary help that you need! Choose Life, Not Death! I understand!! Proud member of The Wellness Universe


Featured Advocate: Anonymous from Codependent Recovery 10/3

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del52Anonymous: I am an advocate because I  support sanity and mental health. I started my page because I grew up and lived in a culture in which ‘it’ was always someone else’s fault and ‘it’ could be anything; negative emotions, misery, life going wrong. Blame was normal, shame was normal and mental health and sanity were foreign concepts. Screaming, chaos, anger, fear was ‘normal life.’ Alcohol allowed my escape from this during my teenaged years.

After getting sober, some years after college – I saw the same systems around me even though I was no longer in my old household. People were still shaming others, blaming others, throwing anger onto others, using emotional blackmail. In fact, even in college, my roommates and I did it to each other. It was just insanity.

Now in my own home, and shortly after going into 12 Step recovery for other peoples’ drinking, I realized the problem was systemic – at least in my world – because it wasn’t just about dealing with ‘alcoholics’ in my life, but about dealing with the world that supported dysfunctional systems. In my own household at the time I saw it so clearly. He would say a thing to wound me and I’d naturally need to wound him back. And it ping-ponged and degraded. (And this made sense at the time, despite the fact it hurt like hell. Of course, today I look back and grimace as to how it could have ever made sense.)

And I saw this unhealthy validation everywhere: TV, movies, songs, pop-culture, and even in ‘recovery’ circles. I saw that these dysfunctional systems were being supporting everywhere (hyperbole), either tacitly or explicitly.

And this is why I started this page; Just because the world’s gone Codependent or you currently have ideas or only have knowledge of tools that support codependent systems does not mean you’re ‘crazy.’ I prefer the term, ‘confused’ and confusion can be undone with clarity.

Codependent Recovery
Noticing codependency tendencies is the first step. Healing is the next.

Codependency is placing your happiness, autonomy, well-being, in the hands of another person. It can take the form of being the “Controller” [tools: shaming, blaming, anger] or the “Controlled” [tools: people-pleaser, eggshell walker, fear].

No matter which version you may be or can even be blended to be, Codependency is a sickness [think dis-ease] so pervasive, that many of us have learned to communicate and relate only using these tools.

Codependent Recovery offers other tools; Tools that enable us to have self-respect, happiness, authenticity and peace. Join us!


Featured Advocate: Owen from Recovery for All 9/14

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del64Owen: I am an advocate because I am in recovery and feel obligated to spread awareness to as many people I can who are in need resources.  I began my page as a way to encourage and offer a support and to carry the message of overcoming addictions through recovery.  I also want people to know what resources are available. 


Encouragement through addiction, recovery, spirituality, self improvement and life.  Website

I created RECOVERY FOR ALL as a way for individuals to have a page for encouragement, and support for those who are battling addictions and who are and who seek recovery. I am obligated to carry the message that programs are available to overcome addiction. I am a recovering addict and feel the need to reach and help as many as possible


Featured Advocate: Jay from The Fight Against Addiction 7/29

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addiJay: I’m an advocate because I myself am in recovery and have a dual  diagnosis.  I’m a Case Manager for a Recovery program and  was once a client myself. I deal many people that have a mental illness diagnosis. I believe addiction is more than basic substance dependent, we need mental health professionals for those that need it.  I can speak for myself and those I try to help on a daily basis.

The Fight Against Addiction

Experience, strength, hope and encouragement for those in the fight.
We rise from the ashes together


Featured Advocate: Carol Ann from Family Partners 7/20

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fpartCarol Ann: I am an advocate because of the personal struggle I’ve had with a mental illness and the struggles my children have had. I find that by getting out and advocating for change, helping fight stigma and helping others it helps in my recovery for that of my children. I facilitate support groups because sharing the knowledge that I have learned helps others find ways to make progress in their recovery. I find the value of support makes a difference in the lives of many people, and bonding with others makes living with a mental illness a less stigmatizing for everyone.

Family Partners
The Family Partners is a family run organization which provides support to parents, promotes stigma reduction, and advocates for mental wellness.
Family Partners provides support, education, advocacy and resources to families whose children have mental health and behavioral concerns. We are a part of the continuum providing family peer support to allow people to heal in community. Through peer family support we can provide early intervention to families in need. We aim to be a valued part of the solution for families.
We are in collaboration with NAMI Arapahoe/Douglas and the Colorado Division of Child and Family Services in the Department of Behavioral Health, as well as Creekside Collaborative which is a network of independent therapists in private practice who share a common vision of providing quality mental health services which are trauma-informed and based on interventions that have been proven to be effective.