Featured Advocate: Cindy from Recovery- the Journey that follows 3/26

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delembCindy: At an early age, I thought I could “save the world” and everyone in it. Elders tried to discourage me throughout my life saying “You can’t help everyone”. When I began my recovery, I was fortunate enough to have my husband by my side, but no other friends or family to be there for me in my time of need. That is when I decided to create my home online group My Journey, then later on my page Recovery- the Journey that follows. We all long for understanding, compassion, and respect. And sometimes this is easiest to find among others who share our situation or outlook. My calling was thrown into full mode in no time. I enjoy helping people, hearing their stories, helping them get down to the root of their addiction, giving them the resources they need, and listening to them vent or ask for support.

Recovery- the Journey that follows:  Addiction, recovery, mental and chronic illness, self mutilation, etc. We provide inspiration and the resources needed to cope/overcome your struggle ❤️

Group: My Journey is a place where men & women can comeand support each other through life’s difficulties. It is where we strive to build an online family. We all long for understanding, compassion, and respect. And sometimes it’s easiest to find this among others who share our situation or outlook. That’s where our support group comes in. There is nothing like sharing stories and experiences with others on the same path. *****We discuss addiction, recovery, depression, anxiety, OCD, bipolar, chronic illnesses, and self harm.

Our group is a tight-knit family, where we can be free and comfortable with one another, without feeling judged or criticized.
Feel free to post any question you may have for fellow members, or myself.



Featured Advocate: Nina from A-Silent-Cry-for-Help 10/24

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del80Nina: I am an advocate because I  struggle with self- harm and suicidal thoughts.  I just want people to know they’re not alone and that they have an outlet.  I also would like to educate people with mental illness.

It is okay to be at a place of struggle.
Struggle is just another word for growth.
Even the most evolved beings find themselves in a place of struggle now and then.
In fact, struggle is a sure sign to them that they are expanding; it is their indication real and important progress.
The only one who doesn’t struggle is the one who doesn’t grow.
So if you are struggling right now, see it as a terrific sign and celebrate your struggle.
~Neale Donald Walsch

Featured Advocate: Anonymous from Awkward Third Wheel 10/17

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del68Anonymous: I am an advocate for all mental health concerns. Peculiarly, I am concerned about depression, feeling alone and alcohol abuse. As I know them all too well. I created this page as I wanted to relate to people out there to show that they’re not the only ones in that situation. To show that they’re  never alone.

Awkward Third Wheel

For people that have experienced the third wheel, depression and the troubles it brings. Inbox always open. S4S

Hi! I started this page as I want to express my thoughts and feelings. But also allow other people to express their own and feel wanted. My story is that I went through a serious rough patch in life. I had trouble with self-harming and alcohol abuse/dependency for just over a year. I understand what a lot of people are going through. As I said my inbox is always open. And I am always here to talk to. You’re never alone.


Featured Advocate: Anonymous from The LINES Project 9/23

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del94Anonymous: I’m an advocate for all mental health concerns, especially depression, anxiety, self-harm and PTSD. I know them very well as a result of maternal narcissistic abuse. Because of my personal experience and wishing someone had stood up for me, I created this page to be a guiding light for others who may feel the same desperation.

The LINES Project

The LINES Project is for suicide/self-harm awareness. See notes for specifics. Beware, you will see potentially triggering language/opinions/photos.


Featured Advocate: Hope from Never Give Up 9/8

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del48Hope: I am an advocate because  lot of friends of mine were into self harm even my self.  When I realized that this thing leads to nothing but towards darkness I started this page.  I want to stop people from self harm and provide them some sort of motivation or inspiration so that some other person shouldn’t destroy his or her life, the way I did.

This page is for those people who sooner or later give up some times on them selves and some times on others. So here is the chance to change it guys!! 🙂

I know out there are many people who have already given up. Who are considering them selves a burden on others. May be some of you are about to suicide and may be it is the last thing you are looking at. But don’t it is just a time waste. I have tried my self guys but it is of no use. If some one considers you a burden well now it is the time to show them that you are not just a use less piece of shit you are capable of more!!!


Featured Advocate: Katie from Survivors Stand Tall 9/6

featured page del44Katie: I am an advocate because I suffer with depression, suicidal thoughts, previously self-harmed, low self-esteem and have panic attacks/anxiety. I have also had people I care about deal with mental health problems, eating disorders, learning difficulties and suicidal attempts/thoughts as well as self-harm. I don’t want other people to have to feel alone while they go through the problems they may face in their lives. It’s inevitable for people to not have problems in their lives but what can be done about it is for them to have someone to support them and help them as best as they can which is what I try to do on my page. I don’t want fame or fortune all I want is to be able to know that I have helped at least one person to get through a rough patch and made coping that little bit easier.

Survivors Stand Tall

We post about mental health such as depression, self-harm, but our main aims is to cheer people up that are dealing with mental health issues. We also will be posting about bands and fandoms. We do NOT tolerate hate comments or bullying on this page. We do S4S/P4P for any page with ANY number of likes. Our Inbox is always open for anyone that needs to chat, wants a promo or wants to ask for something to be shared/changed about the page. Although we say message the page if you need to talk to someone we are NOT professionals and can only tell you our opinion from our own experiences. del45

Featured Advocate: Anne from The OCD Project: A Book for Sufferers of OCD by Sufferers of OCD 8/26

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del23Anne: I am an advocate because I have had moderate to extremely severe OCD on and off for 50 years. For the first 30 years, I also suffered from clinical depression, general anxiety and was a self harmer and eventually became agoraphobic and unable to work.

Meds never worked for me and greatly worsened my depression. I was lucky to have 12 years of respite aged 49 to 61 after four months of successful inpatient treatment and huge life style changes (leaving work and going to Uni). When I had my relapse aged 61, I could not get any more free treatment.

It makes me angry that so many sufferers cannot get access to treatment and are given meds that do not work. I opened this page in 2010 because I know OCD can be brought under at least some control with the right treatment, administered by a well trained therapist who understands OCD and lots of support from fellow sufferers and loved ones.

I am passionate about helping fellow sufferers as I don’t want to see anyone struggling alone again. I hope that my page will help sufferers to help themselves towards wellness. Anne Watkins (aged 66).

The OCD Project: A Book for Sufferers of OCD by Sufferers of OCD
The project, aka anneandherocdproject is aimed at ending stigma, improving treatment and after care and helping sufferers in need via our private pages. Website 
My name is Anne Watkins. I am 66. I have OCD but do not define myself by my condition. I currently have high control as a result of a lot of hard work and the friends I have made as a result of running this and my self help pages.I have three degrees including a PhD in Arab and Islamic studies (which I was awarded in 2009). I am passionate about helping those with OCD and their families. I am an optimist who has always believed that things will get better if I work at them. I hope you will enjoy this page and I welcome your comments and suggestions. Please remember that vulnerable people use and run this page so we do not tolerate bullying in any form. Any message or comment which we consider to be threatening or malicious will be removed from the page and reported to FB.


Featured Advocate: “Stay Forever” from ∞ Dreams, The Only Place I See Myself Happy ∞ 8/21

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del1“Stay Forever”: I am an advocate because I have suffered from depression, self-harm, anorexia, bulimia, bullying, and suicidal thoughts. I have survived but I am a different person because of it, I see the good in people, I have a lot of regrets but I’m happy. And my goal in life is to make people happy and be nice to everyone; no matter what they’ve done. My page is to help people with any issues they have, or just to talk. My admins are knowledgeable and caring people who are here to help. I am an advocate because I feel like I’m giving back to all the people that I hurt during the time I was lost. So, if you’re struggling with anything or just need someone to talk to come visit my page, and meet all the other amazing admins.

∞ Dreams, The Only Place I See Myself Happy ∞
We are a page about anti suicide/self harm please message the page if you need help or want us to share your story// admins needed!

This is a page to help with self harm/bullying/depression, or anyone else who needs it. We’ve been there. Message the page if u need help, or if you want us to share your story.


Featured Advocate: Bec from 1, 2, 3 with ASD 8/15

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delete45Bec: I am an advocate so I can  help other individuals and families who deal with Autism Spectrum Disorder and related conditions every day. I feel I am able to give a unique perspective on many issues because, while I am the parent of a 9 yr old son with severe autism and a 7 yr old daughter with Asperger’s Syndrome, I also have ASD myself.

I am a single parent and along with my Asperger’s I also have OCD, which I developed around age 10 & which still plagues me every day, clinical depression and (often) crippling anxiety. I am also quite a severe self-harmer and have been for as long as I can remember.

I often share my children’s triumphs and tears on our page but I also try and explain to people what it feels like for me, as an adult with ASD, to experience a meltdown, shutdown or sensory overload (among other things), in the hope it may assist families to better understand how it might feel for their child/sibling/family member who may not be able to explain for themselves how they are affected by these sorts of things. I also love it when people comment about their own or their child’s journey with ASD as it interests me greatly and makes me feel less alone.

Autism is my life’s work – I live it, live WITH it, study it at uni and work with children with ASD every day. I love it! I love to share our experiences to help others, raise awareness and help myself too! –

1, 2, 3 with ASD

I am an adult with Asperger Syndrome. I have a daughter with Asperger’s & a son with Autism. I invite you to journey through life’s up’s & down’s with us!