Featured Advocate: Suny from Finding The Spark : The Journey Of Seeing Past Mental Illness 4/6

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delsparkSuny: The reason I am fighting stigma is a long one. I was diagnosed in 93 at 14. The stigma forced me to hide and seclude and miss out on a lot of years of healthy life. If I can help anyone not go through the struggle I have been through I will consider it a success. Far too many people are hiding and secluding because of unnecessary shame associated with mental illness. With a combined effort we can truly Stop the Stigma

Finding The Spark : The Journey Of Seeing Past Mental Illness

This a documentary showing how we can defeat mental illness and the stigmas associated with it.

This is a documentary dealing with the stigma associated with mental illness. Far too many people are suffering from something they are scared to talk about due to shame or pride. Needless suffering has to stop. forcing people to isolate more than their illness makes them needs to stop. This movie will open a pathway of communication about the struggles of finding health in a society that is not very helpful. Take part in the process of change and stop the stigma.



Featured Advocate: Heather from Bipolar Awareness & Support Power Page 1/18

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delbip3Heather: I am an Advocate because I am a victim of the mental illness , bipolar disorder , However I am also a survivor . I was diagnosed at the age of 22 . My journey has been rocky and tough . As many know who suffer as well with this illness , it can completely take over your body and mind time and time again.

I have had far too many episodes that have almost taken my life , however I have seemed to get through them all . I have been very lucky to have a wonderful family support system that has stood by me through the years . It hasn’t been easy for them either . With the symptoms that come along with this illness , it can devastate a family.

There are no words to explain the feelings of not being able to control your own mind and body when the illness takes over . It’s the most fearful feeling to have in the world . It is also a horrible feeling to have when you feel alone . When you feel there is something wrong with you and you have no clue what it is or why your have the feelings you have .

I have learned through my experience’s that having some kind of support system is crucial to your recovery plan . This is why I have created Bipolar Awareness and Support Power Page . This is a page where you may come to when you feel down , alone , helpless and lost . Here is where we understand what you are going through and have been in your shoes . We are a family support system to those in need . We are here to give a caring heart , listen with ears wide open and reach out our hands to grasp you in your darkest hours . We are waiting and ready to support you as well . So please stop by and join in the power to support .

delbip Bipolar Awareness & Support Power Page I am a Victim & Survivor of Bipolar Disorder, If you are too than you understand and know that this illness is a battle not only for ourselves but others.

Please don’t judge Mental Illness as Craziness , it is so much more . Please take time to understand it, help end the stigma‘s behind it and spread awareness about it . It takes massive amounts of strength from the ones suffering and can have devastated effects on their loved ones and has tons of ups and downs . There is also massive amounts of good to it as well . We challenge you to be strong with Us !
Being on a lifetime roller coaster of emotions day in & day out is one of the most exhausting feelings . You think roller
coaster & fun but to us bipolar ones we think a couple more bumps , few more twists , a
lot more flips and maybe just maybe if we are lucky the ride may calm a bit for rest . Not only & boy do I speak from experience does this illness affect us but it affects our loved ones around us to the core . This is more than a tearful , heartbreaking journey of life to have to take for any of us involved . So my hopes for creating this page is for all that suffer and thier loved ones to come together for support on the behalf of all and try to find some peace . Please come together with Us and give us a chance to prove we are more than CRAZY and there is Hope .

Featured Advocate: Anonymous from The Faces of PTSD 10/26

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del84Anonymous: I am an advocate because I was diagnosed with PTSD and I realize many who have this diagnosis are dealing with some of the same issues I am, such as acceptance, isolation from family and friends, depression, etc., I thought starting a page would be a good way to connect and provide an outlet for others. PTSD is just coming into the spotlight as affecting others who have been through different types of trauma other than being in combat, which is what most of society thinks of when they hear the term “PTSD”. It is also giving me a way to heal…just another part of my journey.

The Faces of PTSD

PTSD affects people without discrimination. It’s not just about being military…it’s about the battles we all face daily just to survive.
This is a public page…not a private group. Anyone can see posts and comments made on this page. If you would like to speak privately, or would like information on groups to join, please use the message button at the top of this page. I will reply as soon as possible.
This page is to raise awareness of PTSD. As a trauma survivor, I feel that more people should know about the effects of this disorder in order to give hope and help to others. Anyone can suffer from PTSD…anyone…men, women, children, elderly. It can be caused by abuse, natural disasters, witnessing car accidents, witnessing deaths/suicides, losing a loved one in a traumatic event. Survivors with PTSD may also experience survivor’s guilt, anxiety, insomnia, emotional instability, etc. We as survivors need support and understanding, not stigmas.
I would like to have the stigma of “mental illness” erased by providing all the information I can to help those in need.

Featured Advocate: J from Mental Health Mission 10/20

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del74J: I am an advocate because I have always had a great interest in mental health, and, since being affected by mental illness personally, it is my mission to help break down the stigma attached to mental illness and to show nothing but love, care and acceptance to those who are struggling. I have a particular interest in stopping the stigma currently attached to personality disorders.

Mental Health Mission
This page aims to raise awareness, promote recovery and help to end the stigma of mental health illnesses and addictions.
Thank you for visiting the page. I am a long term sufferer of different mental health illnesses. I have personally suffered from depression, anxiety, OCD and BPD – (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder & Borderline Personality Disorder).My OCD started at 9 years old and is still with me today, my depression is also still with me but I am doing much better and the BPD reared its ugly head in a big way this year landing me in a psychiatric unit 6 times.I am now on the road to recovery and would like to spread positive recovery tips and pictures, talk about my experiences and also go into more depth about certain illnesses which are highly stigmatised.Hopefully spreading awareness on mental health issues will help to stop people from flippantly saying statements like “im so OCD about that” and “im so depressed today” which makes the illness seem insignificant when in fact it ruins lives.

Other admins also run this page who have varying issues with mental health and addictions.  Website


Featured Advocate: Anonymous from A Petal At A Time:Healing Complex PTSD 9/30

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del48Anonymous: I became an advocate because I wanted to  bring awareness to abusive relationships and the psychological toll they take on a person. Society has connected shame with mental health disorders and that is only changed by speaking truth.

A Petal At A Time:Healing Complex PTSD

I was not aware of a great deal of my traumas until a year ago. I just always felt like something was off.
During a battle with a physical illness that had been deemed terminal, I started “flooding” with repressed memories. During this time I was involved with a man that was horribly abusive and an alcoholic. He is listed as the catalyst to elevating my PTSD to Complex PTSD. I barely left that relationship with my life.I had some very vivid memories of trauma, but never emotion connected to these events. Last Fall I walked into a therapist office and explained what I was experiencing. The next several months were filled with therapy and I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD. After that diagnosis, it was apparent that I would need a team that specialized in trauma therapy. I now have an amazing team. My belief is “You have to be brave with your life so others can be brave with theirs.” I decided to make my journey public, because when I was diagnosed with PTSD, I had no idea what it was or the impact it would have on my daily life. Since my diagnosis I have left behind my career in business to focus completely on my healing

It is my desire to use my healing journey and experience to educate and remind others that they are not alone.


Featured Advocate: Anonymous from The Red Spotty Bug 9/20

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del73Anonymous: I am an advocate because I am a single mother who has borderline personality disorder. I  blog to seek and provide an alternative view to the dark stigmas surrounding Borderline Personality Disorder. I am currently doing a series of blogs answering people’s questions they have based on my experience living with the condition.

The Red Spotty Bug
The blogging site of one single young mother living with Borderline Personality Disorder. (Trigger Warning: Some content is Christian based)
A fly went by one sunny day; And so did a bee, that said to me’ “It’s time to fly away”I am a  blogging 23 year old mother.Blogging is my way to think about things going on for me. A large part relates to the fact I’m a parent and also I live with a mental condition.

My hope is this page can be of some help to the many spots of your life that you face.

* I may blog about some of the content on this page. However I get some things are delicate matters so please be assured I will respect your privacy and modify details that may link to you. And in the extreme cases I will not post about matters period.


Featured Advocate: Sharon from Hope and Healing-San Diego Mental Health Resources 7/24

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sharonSharon: I’m a mental health advocate because 20 years ago, when a psychiatrist advised me to go to an intensive out-patient program due to my bipolar disorder, my response was “I’m not crazy.” My life became out-of-control…..Finally, after more than 10 years, I became desperate, and found the right treatment. I am finally stable. Maybe if I had taken his advice, I would have gotten the help I needed sooner. But there was that self-stigma. I was ashamed. I want to help to decrease the stigma to save others from the pain that I went through. Thank you for what you’re doing!!

I want to help others, so I’ve written “Hope and Healing-San Diego Mental Health Resources.

Hope and Healing-San Diego Mental Health Resources
I’ve had bipolar disorder for over 20 years. My goal is to provide mental health resources and support. Please “like” & visit
1. To encourage people to seek help for mental health challenges. There are many wonderful resources available, like those found on this page.2. To show that recovery is possible. For me, recovery is living a productive life. I want to give people hope.
I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 25 years ago. This book describes my struggles and shares resources that have helped me get better. I hope it will save you time and energy, leading you to a better, healthier life.My life was pretty messed up until about 8 years ago. I want to show that there is hope for people with mental illness, and we can heal!!A note from a reader: 🙂 “It is an excellent (Mental Health) resource directory for San Diego. Basically, it’s everything I spent years learning on my own in a non-preachy, nonjudgmental book, and without any fluff filler to wade through.” -Danielle Muirsharon2

Featured Advocate: Carol Ann from Family Partners 7/20

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fpartCarol Ann: I am an advocate because of the personal struggle I’ve had with a mental illness and the struggles my children have had. I find that by getting out and advocating for change, helping fight stigma and helping others it helps in my recovery for that of my children. I facilitate support groups because sharing the knowledge that I have learned helps others find ways to make progress in their recovery. I find the value of support makes a difference in the lives of many people, and bonding with others makes living with a mental illness a less stigmatizing for everyone.

Family Partners
The Family Partners is a family run organization which provides support to parents, promotes stigma reduction, and advocates for mental wellness.
Family Partners provides support, education, advocacy and resources to families whose children have mental health and behavioral concerns. We are a part of the continuum providing family peer support to allow people to heal in community. Through peer family support we can provide early intervention to families in need. We aim to be a valued part of the solution for families.
We are in collaboration with NAMI Arapahoe/Douglas and the Colorado Division of Child and Family Services in the Department of Behavioral Health, as well as Creekside Collaborative which is a network of independent therapists in private practice who share a common vision of providing quality mental health services which are trauma-informed and based on interventions that have been proven to be effective.

Featured Advocate: Anamoli from Masked Are We 6/7

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mrweAnamoli:  I never really classified myself as a mental health advocate. More as a gobby lass from Chesterfield who doesn’t know when to shut up. I’ve suffered various mental illnesses and mental health problems all my life. I’ve been misdiagnosed, had diagnoses kept secret from me, in hospitals, police cells and therapy offices. I have been on and off and away on several medications. 

I’ve been kicked out of hospital and rehabs because of my mental ill health and I’ve been slandered and lied about and set up because of my mental health issues and the stigma that comes with the diagnosis of BPD. When I finally realized that the fact that I am still alive and kicking after many attempts to take my life, several of which were very close calls, has got to mean something; I’m not meant to die, well not yet, and not by my own hands or my own mind.

I started a support group on Facebook for ppl with BPD and CPTSD and then I had the idea for the Masked Are We campaign. Since doing this I’ve had people all over the country and world in fact, messaging me, to thank me, or ask my advice or share part of their story with me. It’s been amazing. I also co-wrote a petition to encourage the Department of Health in the UK to reassess the funding cuts that have recently been made to NHS mental health services.

Masked Are Wee
Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month. #Maskedarewe
Upload your masked Selfies for BPD Awareness Month here with the hashtag #maskedarewe
In light of the awareness and impact that the No Make-up Cancer Awareness Selfies, I had this idea to raise awareness for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) , also known as Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD).BPD Awareness Month is May. So the idea is, starting from the 1st of May, we flood Facebook and other Social Media sites with selfies with a twist: WE WEAR MASKS.The reason I chose to feature masks in this campaign is that individuals with BPD often feel pressured by society, friends, family and organisations to MASK their symptoms and keep their illness a secret. If a flare up occurs, the stigma attached to the diagnosis makes it difficult for people to get the help and support they need. This often means that sufferers have to deal with it all alone, which is extremely dangerous and can often lead to A and E admissions (where patients are often treated very badly, with out respect or compassion) , hours and hours in police cells without seeing any medical professional, psychiatric hospital admissions and DEATH.The government have recently made MASSIVE cuts to the funding that goes into Mental Health Services so even when people are ‘lucky’ enough to get treatment, or support, it is often cut short or stopped because of funding issues. Or effective treatments cannot be offered to patients because the funding is not available within their trust.I personally believe that Mental Health Awareness, Funding and Research are just as vital as for any physical illness. But we need to get rid of this notion of MH being less important , the patients fault or even a ploy to get sympathy or attention seeking. THE STIGMA NEEDS TO END. NOW!

So back to the event:
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE BPD TO JOIN IN AND SUPPORT THE CAUSE! CAN JOIN IN. If you wish to participate but remain anonymous, please send your selfie to admin’s inbox and your photo shall be uploaded anonymously to the page.

You can chose whatever you want the mask to show.
Masks can be home-made, customized, bought, face-painted, make up or any other creative idea you might have but must include the hashtag #maskedarewe You can donate to Mind or Rethink 

You can sign and share this petition:

TOGETHER, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. “If we can find money to kill people, we can find money to help people” – Tony Benn                                       “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” Kathryn Stockett, The Help

mrwe 2


Featured Advocate: Joyce from Make BPD Stigma Free 5/2

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Joyce: I am an advocate for mental health because I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 35 years old. I needed the right help years earlier. I’m trying to raise awareness and erase the stigma of Borderline Personality Disorder, and get people the help they need much sooner. BPD has been called a “wastebasket diagnosis” and “untreatable.” It is actually highly treatable with Dialectical Behaviour Therapy or DBT. It helped me and it can help many others.

Let’s all “Make BPD Stigma-Free!”


Make BPD Stigma Free

bpdHelping those with Borderline Personality Disorder fight the stigma and enjoy their lives for who they are – highly empathetic, compassionate and creative people. Check out my blog at: click on Editorials.
Helping those with Borderline Personality Disorder fight the stigma and enjoy their lives for who they are – highly empathetic, compassionate and creative people. Check out my blog at: name is Joyce. I am 45 years old, married with two kids. I enjoy writing, photography, crocheting and baking.

I suffer from/have suffered from: Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, Post-Partum Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, Agoraphobia, Dermatillomania and Insomnia. I take Cymbalta and Abilify to manage my symptoms. I have been in therapy for about 15 years. I took a DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) program several years ago to learn how to manage my emotions better. I did a lot better until recently when a lot of stuff happened which is extremely difficult to deal with. I am revisiting my binders from that program and trying to implement those skills as needed.
I feel so alone a lot of the time, like no one can possibly understand what I’m going through. It’s so hard for people without BPD to understand what it’s like. I believe they can, but usually only to a point.I am in the process of writing a book about Borderline Personality Disorder. I’m not sure what it’s going to be like. I’ll find out as I write it and it comes to me. I’ll find out right along with you as you read it.Follow my blog on my path to recovery. I hope you will learn more about BPD along with me.

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