Featured Advocate: Bobbie from It’s The Depression Talking TRIGGER WARNING 4/5

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delbobbBobbie: I became a mental health advocate and author (“It’s The Depression Talking: A Self-Help Memoir “) after spending two years in a horrendous bout of severe depression. I have been a sufferer since my early twenties. In my mid-forties I found myself detached, isolated, in tears constantly, and suicidal for the first time. What scares me the most is, my suicidal ideation didn’t even scare me. With the help of medication and a good doctor, I got better and wrote my book, started a blog, and a Facebook page for other sufferers.

Sometimes an inspirational quote on Facebook can change someone’s day. Reading a book about someone else’s struggle helps people to know they are not alone. I want uneducated people to hear what a REAL day in the life of someone who is severely depressed is like, so they can relate better to their loved ones who struggle

. I want to give other sufferers someone they can relate to, as well. I think I achieved that in my book by being brutally honest about depression. I just wanted to help lend a voice through my own experience.


“In my formative years I had social phobia and extreme separation anxiety from my parents. I had my first panic attack at fifteen years old, and was diagnosed with anxiety. Ultimately, in my mid-twenties, I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression. 

I have quit numerous jobs, I have been on disability, I have isolated myself for months at a time–several times over the years. I have slept years away to escape my pain. I lost precious time with my children and family. I lost my life, up to this point, because of depression.”

Finally a book that does not sugarcoat the reality of depression. Learn how I slowly pulled myself out of a horrendous two year depression that had me bedridden, and suicidal for the first time.

Whether you are a sufferer, or you care for someone that is, my truth will change the way you relate to depression.

Book                                                  Blog



Featured Advocate: Anonymous from Michael S. Wyatt Teen Help Foundation 2/23

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delmichael2Anonymous: I am an advocate because my son hung himself after years of trying to get help. The system failed him and made him feel like a problem that didn’t deserve their time. I talk to kids at high schools, online in many countries and to parents wanting to understand. My son went un-heard and for as long as i live and know about a situation occurring no one will ever be un-heard.

Michael S. Wyatt Teen Help Foundation Our goal is to help teens and young adults build self-confidence and responsibility. My aim is to make sure that all teens and young adults get what they need from a system that is so seriously in need of compassionate people to see that the mental health crisis for our young people is a very real and often fatal issue.Be Yourself In Spite Of Everyone Else!

In Memory of Michael S. Wyatt…March 22, 1984 – October 25, 2000

My son planned out and carried through with a plan of ending what he thought of as trouble in everyone life. Himself. My promise to Michael and all other parents and kids out there is that before I go, this Country will know of the serious gaps in the mental health system due to people who just don’t care, stigmas that go with having a mental illness, and how no one takes depression in teenagers seriously enough in this Country.

Michael was born on March 22, 1984 in Yuma, Arizona. We lived a long ways out of town so Michael’s first years were spent learning about horses, cows, chickens, etc. He loved animals from the very beginning. Especially the horses. He cut his first tooth on my reins while riding with me one day.

From the very beginning Michael was very eager to please. He acted silly and always tried to make people laugh. Especially me. Things were hard for him, his sister TracyLee and myself but the three of us made a family and we were all we had. It worked. But, he never felt good enough. Never felt like he was doing well enough.

Problems started when he was about 8 ½ years old. He was in the 3rd grade and signs of ADHD started to appear. I had never heard of this but his teacher told me that I should get him checked. There were brain maps, EEG’s and every neurological test they could come up with. They found inconsistencies in Michael’s brain’s ability to process information correctly and in proper order. He would do things backwards a lot and he and I had developed our own “language” so to speak because I was the only one that seemed to understand what he was trying to say or accomplish. He loved the movie “Forrest Gump” and would always tell me “Mama always has a way of saying things so I can understand them”.

There were a lot of problems with school because they did not believe that Michael had problems. They put him in an Alternative classroom and that did not do anything for the self-esteem he already lacked. He was labeled as a “bad kid”, “trouble maker” and “loser”. Michael tried real hard to shake that but with the school systems, and worse, the stupidity, ignorance and the plain not giving a shit attitude of the mental health “officials” that this College Station has it was impossible—in his mind. We had many Minor In Possession charges and they eventually put him on probation because Michael smoked cigarettes. His probation officer and that whole system is a whole other story . Just know that as a parent, you have more rights than they will let you know you have.

Michael liked to joke a lot and everyone always remembers him as the kid that was always smiling no matter what was going on in his life. He always did whatever he could to bring someone up if they were down. Even if he was not in the best frame of mind at the time.

I used to get so mad at him because for such a skinny kid, he ate like a horse. Or at least that’s what I thought. It was not until after he left us that I was told by a lot of kids that they could always come to Michael’s bedroom window at night and he would give them food. He even gave some of them his clothes. If I had only known, well, that’s just one of many “guilt” things that I will live with forever. The screen on that window is still there. It’s mangled and ripped but it will always be on that window as a reminder of the giving person my son was even if he knew it was going to get him in trouble.

Michael was bipolar manic-depressive with Schizophrenic . However, after years of therapy, pills and crap, he could not shake the label of “loser”, “worthless” or “trouble maker”. Michael was none of these things and everyone that knows him and has come to know him through his foundation knows better. Michael used to say to me and to his friends, “God knows the type of person I am so I don’t care what these preppy snobs think”. He was right. There were many, many ups and downs for the 8 1/2 years that Michael fought this battle. He felt responsible for everything that went wrong in the world. He always somehow found a way to blame himself for things happening to people he didn’t even know.

Michael was also a cutter. He cut himself so deep sometimes that I took him to the hospital and was sent home because their attitude was “He’s just looking for attention”. Well, DUH! I had one Dr. tell me that if Michael were his son he’d take him home and “whoop him”. Thank goodness Michael is my son.

Michael had the bluest eyes. He was the most sincere and insightful kid I had ever had the pleasure of knowing. He could talk to a person for 30 seconds and have them pegged 100%. He loved everyone and everyone loved him, especially the girls! It was really quite comical at times in that area. He loved fishing, playing golf with his dad and adored his dog Cody. His skateboarding skills were up there with the best.

Michael was not a drug addict although we were continually told his tests were dirty. (I have the autopsy report showing Michael had been clean and free of drugs for at least a year). The mental health facility asked Michael if he was doing drugs. What they should have asked him was “what drugs are you doing?” Michael was on Zoloft and in his mind that was a drug. He was sent to ****. That place knew of Michael’s mental illness and when THEY asked him if he was smoking pot or doing coke, he replied truthfully “NO”. So, he was sent back to the mental health facility. He did this for eleven days. Back and forth, back and forth with no one listening to him. How awful it must have been to know good and well something was wrong and have people telling you there isn’t. All of that just reinforced his feelings of being “bad”. I often wonder if they ever think about the devastation that their inaction and omissions of information to me have caused. I doubt they even give it a thought. They told him he was just “bad”.

Eight days before he left this world, he asked alot of questions to anyone that would talk to him about God. He was looking for peace and I pray with the smoke and sage that now he has it.

Michael was also very proud of the Native American heritage in his family. He wanted to learn all he could about all parts of him. His thirst for who he was overwhelmed him at times. One time we were listening to Buffy St. Marie and she was singing about Wounded Knee. He listened and he looked at me with tears in his eyes in total disbelief that people could do that to other people. He was literally shocked and appalled. It was then he started learning everything he could about his Navajo heritage. He was 10 years old at that time.

Michael is missed by everyone that ever knew him. His generosity, his compassion for people and animals, his infectious laugh and smile. So, in his name is the Michael S. Wyatt Teen Help Foundation, Inc run by me, Michael’s Mom. The song “Youth of the Nation” by POD is the Foundation’s theme song…….

You all are so important. Please write me if you think for even a split second that this world would be better off without you. That is SO not true. Mission: Our goal is to help teens and young adults build self-confidence and responsibility. My aim is to make sure that all teens and young adults get what they need from a system that is so seriously in need of compassionate people to see that the mental health crisis for our young people is a very real and often fatal issue.


Featured Advocate: Robert from End Teen Suicide in Memory of Amanda Todd Canada 2/17

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delsuiRobert: I became an advocate after  I read about Amanda taking her own life. It really hit home for me and the ignorance towards Amanda, her family and the tragedy that surrounds Amanda’s suicide makes me just want to throw up. I mean what is wrong with society today?

This page was started out of total respect for Amanda, her family and her memory and because I want to let people know the facts behind why she took her own life as well as try to prevent any more of our youth taking their own lives. After all, our youth is our future. The number of youth suicides since the tragic loss of Princess Snowflake is off the scale and getting worse, some thing needs to change and by working together and speaking out for our youth we will make a difference.

That’s why I’ve become an advocate for our youth. One other case that has really hit home for me personally as well is Izzy Dix, this young Lady took her own life because she was made to feel worthless and unwanted by other youth around her own age. What on earth is wrong with the youth in today’s society?

End Teen Suicide in Memory of Amanda Todd Canada

The teen suicide rate is completely of the scales bothy in Canada and the United States. I’ve started this page as a memorial to Amanda and her loved ones.

The teen suicide rate is completely of the scales both in Canada and the United States. I’ve started this page as a memorial to Amanda and her loved ones.


Featured Advocate: Akshay from Jashn-E-Zindagi 2/2

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delakshay2Akshay: I am an advocate because  I have suffered from depression and want to help similar people. My page aims at motivating people, especially teens suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts. I want a sensitive audience who have suffered from depression.

Jashn-E-Zindagi This page is dedicated to teens suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts. This page is meant to make them realize that life is beautiful. I truly believe that every person in this world deserves to feel loved and respected. I believe everyone is wonderful irrespective of their age, gender, physical appearance, their past or any other flaws in them. I genuinely want to reach out to all such people to make them realize that they are wonderful.

I’m here for anyone who needs a friend or someone to talk to.


Featured Advocate: Dave from Dave Matthew Boddy 1/22

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delboddyDave: I have become a Concussion Awareness Advocate with the intent to not only help society be more aware of, but to also educate society on the topic of concussions. Due to me living my life with concussions since I was 4 years old, I’ve lived with many symptoms due to concussions, such as: depression, suicide, emotional instability, delusions, mechanical headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and permanent memory and visual issues.

Due to my life I understand how many suffer daily with no support, or even understanding their concussion symptoms. More often than not concussions are misdiagnosed or neglected. For years I had my symptoms ignored by doctors, that was until 2011 when I suffered my 15th concussion. I was then sent to rehab for it, it was only then they were taken seriously. Individuals suffering from concussions at times are left in the dark and unsupported, I started my pages  with the intent to be that support for those who need it.

Dave Matthew Boddy

Dave Boddy is one of Calgary’s most requested youth public speakers, and is often requested for appearances at schools, recreational events, and more. Dave is also recognized as an established life coach. After defeating over 16 years of depression, bullying, and suicide Dave assists youths and their families on handling incidents of above mentioned issues. Dave has been conducting this service for well over 3 years now. Dave is not a certified professional, thus his advice is merely from experience, and with the sole intent to help inspire and strengthen.

During Dave’s intense eight year career in security and bodyguards services, he dealt with gangs, narcotics, assaults, fights, arrests, medical emergencies, and was tested for HIV and HEP C twice. During his career he witnessed serious issues such as deaths, stabbings, and other very serious incidents. Due to this career Dave has knowledge on verbal judo, defense, First Aid/CPR/AED, and handling stress. During his career working as a bodyguard he worked with celebrities such as: Cher, the Rolling Stones, WWE, Ryan Hurst (Opie from Sons of Anarchy), Glass Tiger, Econoline Crush, Blind Melon, and many more.

Dave produced two seasons for a youth empowerment show on SHAW TV, “the Sunday Omony Show”. In this role Dave assisted with locating the guests, mentoring the guests on set, assisting with prop and set designs, and more. The last season was LIVE on SHAW TV.

Dave started Boddyguards United (BU) in 2011 with the sole intent being to inspire and assists youths through depression, bullying, and suicide. Since the beginning of Boddyguards, Dave has appeared on radio, TV, internet radio, and is frequently requested by families to assist other families, and their youths. BU has gained worldwide recognition as Dave has put together an amazing team around the world, BU has support in countries such as: Canada, USA, Mexico, Greece, Egypt, Malaysia, Russia, Ireland, India, and so much more.

Due to suffering 15 serious concussions, Dave also suffers from permanent brain damage; as a result he has suffered with post-concussion syndrome for over 15 years. Dave has a passion to also speak of his history with concussions to schools, and sports centers.

Dave due to surviving over 16 years of depression and suicide has been able to use his struggles to help others find their successes. Dave was suicidal in grade 9, 2006, and 2011, he contributes his survival to inner strength and determination. Dave has also dealt with the loss of seven close friends, suicide, murder, heart attacks, accident in a WWE ring, and flesh eating disease. When Dave lost all of his friends within a 10 year span it allowed him to fall into further depression.

In March of 2011 Dave suffered his fifteenth concussion while working as a security officer, with this concussion Dave lost his professional wrestling and policing career. He was in brain injury rehab for over seven months; he also suffered severe weight gain, and hit the scale at 350lbs. This allowed Dave to fall into depression and suicidal thoughts. He was unable to work out, clean, cook, hold his son, or conduct any activity that exerted any energy. It was determined that Dave will have permanent brain damage that affects his vision, and cognitive ability.

Dave had to literally start fresh with walking, lifting weights, and learning how to cope with the side effects. Side effects, such as dizziness, memory loss, fatigue, affected emotions, and more. Dave asked to be discharged early from rehab due to stress financially, he was discharged two months early, and he immediately began a strict diet and workout regimen. He was able to drop from 350lbs to 260lbs within 9 months; he then gained the courage to share his life story on social media. His material went viral and was published online; he soon enough was speaking to schools, and appearing on internet radio.

He then started to implement and create Boddyguards United as a means to help local youths in his community, and since then has appeared on TV, radio, and internet radio. Dave has been working hard on building a legacy where he is known to help people through their struggles. He takes much pride in knowing he uses his negativity to help create positivity for others.

As of today Dave is recognized as a human rights and concussion awareness advocate, leads Boddyguards United into becoming Canada’s number one empowerment agency, releasing a chapter in a international released book, writing a biography, producing a SHAW TV empowerment series driven towards youth empowerment, joined forces with Free2LUV as an advocate for bullying, joined forces with a North American recognized psychiatrist to assist athletes, actors, and more with depression and suicide due to concussions, and appearing on TV shows due to his acting. Twitter: @daveboddy86


Other Pages: Boddyguards United and Take Control – Concussion and Mental Health Support Group

Featured Advocate: Embla from Sometimes 1/20

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delsomwEmbla: I am an advocate because I was sexually, physically and mentally abused from aprox 2 ys old. The sexual abuse stopped when I was 16, the rest continued. I broke it of with my family abusers or silent witnesses). Then I had 3 violent relationships in a row, mixed with eating-disorders, cutting myself, suicide attempts, severe depressions., Complex PTSD. etc …
Have also had my share of therapists who say “so tired of people blaming their child-hood”
I’m tired of abuse, tired of stigma, tired of rumours, tired of people putting others down through violence, fear etc Just SO tired of all the darkness in this world, brought upon us by ignorant and hateful people mostly
I’m determined to fight against it till I no longer have to.


Share thoughts about Mentall Illness, Cronic disease, faith, everyday life and fleeting thoughts. None of the pictures are mine only my words.

My name is Embla. I am admin and owner of this page. I have a history of being abused in every fashion from birth till 10 years ago= aprox 35 years. I am Introvert aprox 90 %, functioning as long as I can hide every now and then. My past, apart from abuse, also contains: self harm, eating disorders, deep depressions, suicide attempts.

PTSD and panic attacks still are present in my life, but I’ve learned control tricks. Sort of brainwashing myself often, and releasing it all in safe ways. I am passionate about helping others, just being there or activly. I am also a huge animal-lover, I trust animals more than people really. You may call me animal-activist 😉

Faith wise I am Old-Style Asatro, the original Scandinavian Asatro. Which have nothing to do with Asatro outside Scandinavia… Half naked “women” and men running around drinking themselves sensless and screaming Hail… Is not what this faith is about. I care about people, and want to help where I can. I fully believe there is a way for everyone to a happier self image.


Featured Advocate: Nina from A-Silent-Cry-for-Help 10/24

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del80Nina: I am an advocate because I  struggle with self- harm and suicidal thoughts.  I just want people to know they’re not alone and that they have an outlet.  I also would like to educate people with mental illness.

It is okay to be at a place of struggle.
Struggle is just another word for growth.
Even the most evolved beings find themselves in a place of struggle now and then.
In fact, struggle is a sure sign to them that they are expanding; it is their indication real and important progress.
The only one who doesn’t struggle is the one who doesn’t grow.
So if you are struggling right now, see it as a terrific sign and celebrate your struggle.
~Neale Donald Walsch

Featured Advocates: Admins of Mental Illness Anonymous 9/27

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del105Anonymous: We are advocates for mental health awareness because both admins of this page are psychologists and currently work in the areas of clinical and counseling psychology. We are well aware of the stigma against mental health issues and the stigma many of our clients face as they seek treatment for mental health issues. We are working to try and break these stigmas placed in society so that people will feel more comfortable talking about mental health issues. We feel that many of the tragedies taking place in this world are directly related to these stigmas in the form of inadequate mental health care coverage with insurance companies and family related issues.

Mental Illness Anonymous
To give courage, support, and share information for those diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder and their families.

To give courage, support, and share information for those diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder and their families. *NOTE* This Facebook page is not intended for diagnosis of any mental disorder or intended for use in emergency mental health crisis. If in crisis dial 911 and get help immediately.


Featured Advocate: Katie from Survivors Stand Tall 9/6

featured page del44Katie: I am an advocate because I suffer with depression, suicidal thoughts, previously self-harmed, low self-esteem and have panic attacks/anxiety. I have also had people I care about deal with mental health problems, eating disorders, learning difficulties and suicidal attempts/thoughts as well as self-harm. I don’t want other people to have to feel alone while they go through the problems they may face in their lives. It’s inevitable for people to not have problems in their lives but what can be done about it is for them to have someone to support them and help them as best as they can which is what I try to do on my page. I don’t want fame or fortune all I want is to be able to know that I have helped at least one person to get through a rough patch and made coping that little bit easier.

Survivors Stand Tall

We post about mental health such as depression, self-harm, but our main aims is to cheer people up that are dealing with mental health issues. We also will be posting about bands and fandoms. We do NOT tolerate hate comments or bullying on this page. We do S4S/P4P for any page with ANY number of likes. Our Inbox is always open for anyone that needs to chat, wants a promo or wants to ask for something to be shared/changed about the page. Although we say message the page if you need to talk to someone we are NOT professionals and can only tell you our opinion from our own experiences. del45

Featured Advocate: “Stay Forever” from ∞ Dreams, The Only Place I See Myself Happy ∞ 8/21

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del1“Stay Forever”: I am an advocate because I have suffered from depression, self-harm, anorexia, bulimia, bullying, and suicidal thoughts. I have survived but I am a different person because of it, I see the good in people, I have a lot of regrets but I’m happy. And my goal in life is to make people happy and be nice to everyone; no matter what they’ve done. My page is to help people with any issues they have, or just to talk. My admins are knowledgeable and caring people who are here to help. I am an advocate because I feel like I’m giving back to all the people that I hurt during the time I was lost. So, if you’re struggling with anything or just need someone to talk to come visit my page, and meet all the other amazing admins.

∞ Dreams, The Only Place I See Myself Happy ∞
We are a page about anti suicide/self harm please message the page if you need help or want us to share your story// admins needed!

This is a page to help with self harm/bullying/depression, or anyone else who needs it. We’ve been there. Message the page if u need help, or if you want us to share your story.