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Thank you Bassem from Solemn Stream Mental Health Advocacy for writing a poem about our mission.

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  1. Positive Mental Illness Support Page was created, ; because as being someone who has Borderline Personality Disorder, PTSD, Depression, Bipolar II, OCD and high anxiety; I know from my own personal journey that positivity is needed for people with any mental illness.

    People who struggle with overwhelming emotions feel vulnerable; and at any point the smaller trigger can lead to a tidal wave of emotions, that leaves them feeling confused, angry, hopeless and in emotional pain.

    And no matter how hard they try, something always seems to go wrong and once again they get overwhelmed by their feelings.

    Others are also dealing with the devastating impact of early physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. In addition, many children struggle with being bullied, and adults struggling with being bullied in the workplace. Many of people struggle with problems like dysfunctional relationships, interference with dangerous or self-harming behaviors, and an inability to focus or concentrate.

    Positive Mental Illness Support is to help people in a Positive, informative manner. Most importantly, for them to know they are NOT alone and that Recovery is Possible.

  2. Greetings my friend, yes I’ve been reading post. My heart goes out to you mum & family are without your beloved son.
    As anything transpired from the hospital? Yes he was on camera, on the premises. What has me troubled excuse me for asking. How was his life taken in the restroom. If you wish not to disclose I understand.

  3. Well 20-25% of a family has MH issues,it is the most invisible physical health issue,those families and person who choose not to know about diagnosis or meds/side effects,simply to say at some point there is or may have law enforcement engagement,but MH persons put up with the worst of society due to stigma. US worst country La. worst state,the law as a whole does not offer help because they know absolutely nothing about MH. Discrimination against across disabilities,violation of basic human and civil rights starting with patient rights, Guns are for suicide or harm to selves/others is last resort. No support at any level,any system available continues to fail them. All other Physical Health/Body has resources to have recovery,Mental Health does not have PR or resources because it is the biggest crisis that the world faces.

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