Featured Advocate: Michelle from Monkey Business 2/25

featured page

delmonkeyMichelle: I am an advocate for my son, my students and other individuals with differing abilities through my work and my writing.

I am an advocate because it is important to me that true life stories are told from folks who walk the walk and talk the talk. Through writing I am able to help dispel myths and help others have a greater understanding about what families living with differing needs go through. As a parent and teacher, I have ample opportunity to advocate for those that are unable to advocate for themselves.

My life, work and writing allow me to have many avenues to raise awareness and acceptance. Monkey Business started out as a daily post on my personal page in an effort to raise awareness for Ring 22 syndrome and Autism for an April Autism Awareness month activity. I soon discovered that I loved sharing my story with others. As I told our story I realized that it was not only informative to others but it was a wonderful outlet for me.

Monkey Business The Truth the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth of Raising a Child with Special Needs.


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