Featured Advocate: Ria from Everiathing and Ria Jade 3/16

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delria3Ria has supported mental health awareness campaigns because she is aware of how it is to suffer from this illness. She has anxiety and has gone through the lowest moments of her life more then a year ago but is trying her very best to stay strong.

Ria is a victim of bullying and is still struggling with anorexia both of which are very sensitive issues for her. However, she knows how much expectations she has to meet owing to her position right now and she has dreams. She knows that the stigma is still there and it is like a hump that she has to get over every so often.

It is for this reason that she is setting up a Paint It Purple Charity Fashion Show in December (we hold two events each year and the first one is our Awards Night). All of our events benefit Anxiety BC. She wants people to accept everyone for who they are and not ostracize. She used to prioritize anti-bullying among her advocacies, but for about 6-8 months now, her priorities changed and mental health is her number one cause.

Ria also initiated her school to participate in Light Up The World Purple for World Mental Health Day last October 2014. A school event organization rallied to wear green rather than purple to avoid a conflict with their “Kindness Club” campaign the following month, but Ria argued and fought for Light Up Purple, insisting that it was the more urgent advocacy and that people all around the world would be seeking support for LUP and will be watching what happens on LUP day. Through her non-stop efforts, Ria, along with 70% of the school population, including her principal and teachers, wore purple on LUP day! It was a sign of victory for mental health awareness!  More Information

Everiathing is a TV Show for Canadian talents and achievers and Canadians with inspiring stories. Show also features places and events that benefit the youth. eveRIAthing is a program of Everiathing Network, founded in June 2013 with office located in Maple Ridge, and studio located in Surrey, BC.

The show is directed by Jackie D, who is also the Founder of GIFTS School of Theatre Arts (founded in 2008). It features talents and achievers, inspiring stories, places, events and causes.  Because everyone deserves to be seen, heard and appreciated. On eveRIAthing, wishes come true — One dream at a time!’

eveRIAthing is solely produced by Everiathing Network which is also the owner of the GIFTS School of Theatre Arts (founded in 2008). eveRIAthing airs on SHAW Channel 116 (Metro Vancouver).


Ria Jade

My name is Ria Jade and I am a girl from Vancouver who aspires to inspire. My goal is to inspire and empower people all around the world to follow their dreams, stay strong, and believe in themselves no matter what. I want to touch people with my music and always want to share the stage with others because I think everybody in the world deserves the chance to shine.

I am a singer, songwriter, musician, host, public speaker, humanitarian, vocal coach, and food fanatic. I also love making and producing music tracks. After music, my next love is writing since you can always find me writing a story.

I am a strong advocate of mental health and anti-bullying and hope that one day mental health issues will receive more attention. I do the best that I can to promote positivity and radiate kindness. 🙂 I am also a supporter of the LGBTQ community and want to promote body positivity.

I also host my own TV talk show called ‘Everiathing’

As a teenage girl, I like spending my spare time going out for frozen yogurt, shopping, and most especially being with my family and friends. I am so grateful for each and every person supporting me in this journey and I want to be there to inspire and support them too no matter what. 🙂

And to you, reading this right now, never forget how beautiful you are. 🙂  Website   Twitter

Light Up Your World Purple         I Am Titanium Anti-Bullying Episode     Life After Bullying for Shaw



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