Featured Advocate: Anonymous from Parents in Recovery 1/30

featured page

delparAnonymous: As a recovering addict myself & I also battle a mental illness, I started my page as a means to carry the message of recovery & also carry out my 12 step. I strive daily to be a source of inspiration to those in recovery or to the addict still suffering. 

Parents In Recovery This page is dedicated to the parents working to find a healthy balance between recovery & parenting after active addiction.

I dedicate this page to the Moms & Dads that work hard on a daily basis maintaining their sobriety as well as maintaining a household, a job, and/or raising kids. Recovery alone is hard work, & adding life on life’s terms can be trying at times, but I am here to let you know that you are not alone & I too can relate to the daily struggles as well as the daily blessings this beautiful life has to offer! God Bless each & every one of you! I pray that if this page reaches your news feed, & you are an addict/alcoholic that is still suffering from addiction of any sort, that you reach out & get the necessary help that you need! Choose Life, Not Death! I understand!! Proud member of The Wellness Universe



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