Featured Advocate: Pooh from I’m ok 2/21

featured page

delimokPooh: I am an advocate because I understand that not being or feeling alone is significant to well-being. I think that being heard can be the start of healing or at least fighting for life and happiness. I’ve been as low as is possible and survived. 
I am ok was started to share and support with love those who struggle with everyday life. That is about all of us…You Are Not Alone
Im ok “For what is joy if it is not spoken of … and what is love if it is not shared” … “So keep on living .. until you feel alive once more” ~ Jennifer Worth
Love the lonely … Hug the hurt … Befriend the lost … Kiss the broken ..
Encouragement for all those challenged with overwhelm … depressions … grief … mental health issues and stigma. I want to bring those in need together with others who live successfully with these challenges. 

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