Month: September 2014

Featured Advocate: Scott from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder/Attack OCD 10/27

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del91Scott: I joined advocacy because I felt I had a gift to offer the OCD Community – my experience in overcoming the disorder – and also my ability to research and find valuable information about OCD in a therapeutic way. I think one of the biggest keys to overcoming OCD is to be know the disorder – know your enemy. That means using all of the understandable research, science, and insight provided on World Wide Web today to gain a comprehensive picture of what OCD is – what we are dealing with – and the using the best tools developed to combat the disorder.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder/Attack OCD
You are a young apprentice, slowly learning the ways of the “force”, but with the help of this page and the resources available here, you will become a Jedi Knight, mastering your OCD. Message me Scott Schneider and join our Facebook support group The Ways of the Force.

Featured Advocate: Anonymous from The Faces of PTSD 10/26

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del84Anonymous: I am an advocate because I was diagnosed with PTSD and I realize many who have this diagnosis are dealing with some of the same issues I am, such as acceptance, isolation from family and friends, depression, etc., I thought starting a page would be a good way to connect and provide an outlet for others. PTSD is just coming into the spotlight as affecting others who have been through different types of trauma other than being in combat, which is what most of society thinks of when they hear the term “PTSD”. It is also giving me a way to heal…just another part of my journey.

The Faces of PTSD

PTSD affects people without discrimination. It’s not just about being military…it’s about the battles we all face daily just to survive.
This is a public page…not a private group. Anyone can see posts and comments made on this page. If you would like to speak privately, or would like information on groups to join, please use the message button at the top of this page. I will reply as soon as possible.
This page is to raise awareness of PTSD. As a trauma survivor, I feel that more people should know about the effects of this disorder in order to give hope and help to others. Anyone can suffer from PTSD…anyone…men, women, children, elderly. It can be caused by abuse, natural disasters, witnessing car accidents, witnessing deaths/suicides, losing a loved one in a traumatic event. Survivors with PTSD may also experience survivor’s guilt, anxiety, insomnia, emotional instability, etc. We as survivors need support and understanding, not stigmas.
I would like to have the stigma of “mental illness” erased by providing all the information I can to help those in need.

Featured Advocate: Momma from Rantings of an ADHD Mom 10/25

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del82Momma:  I started my page as a mental health outlet for me. This page morphed into an online community of individuals who feel they can reach out to me and to each other to better understand the great impact Autism has on our children, on our relationships, and on our families. my goal is to ensure that no individual, whether autistic or neurotypical feels alone or isolated.


Hey friends Do you have exceptional kids driving you crazy? Do they say things that make you laugh til you cry? ASD? PDD-NOS? Gifted and talented? me too
Momma F is the in serious pain (she hurt her back and it’s not getting any better) ADHD Mom of three exceptional kids, L9, M6 and E3. One, her youngest, falls somewhere on the autism spectrum…her sweet angel. She wants to share with you, her family the daily rantings that keep her crazy, sane and head over heels in love with her kids and her best beloved…watch from the sidelines or be part of the show…but now you know what she is doing when she is not “home” visiting…watch out though-she is not holding back…enjoy My Autism-Regression-spectrum Mom blog/rantings and let me know your thoughts on all matters, I am listening, whining, exhausted and silly-YOU ARE NOT ALONE though the many trials of raising exceptional children, gifted, learning disabled, different, they are all exceptional and if you’ve found me, like me you are looking for people who “get it,” and I do…it’s not easy but it is totally worth the ride! Enjoy.

Featured Advocate: Nina from A-Silent-Cry-for-Help 10/24

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del80Nina: I am an advocate because I  struggle with self- harm and suicidal thoughts.  I just want people to know they’re not alone and that they have an outlet.  I also would like to educate people with mental illness.

It is okay to be at a place of struggle.
Struggle is just another word for growth.
Even the most evolved beings find themselves in a place of struggle now and then.
In fact, struggle is a sure sign to them that they are expanding; it is their indication real and important progress.
The only one who doesn’t struggle is the one who doesn’t grow.
So if you are struggling right now, see it as a terrific sign and celebrate your struggle.
~Neale Donald Walsch

Featured Advocate: Danny from In the Light 10/23

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del80Danny: I am an advocate because I have lived with depression for over 30 years and have recently chosen to come out in the open about it. I am committed to living “in the light” with my illness and doing whatever I can to fight the stigma and let people know they are not alone.

In the Light

I blog about my experience with depression and anxiety. I write to share my truth and my hope that others won’t suffer in painful isolation as I once did.



Featured Advocate: Jo from The living hell that is bipolar 10/22

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del78Jo: I am advocate because I am a recovering alcoholic and am living with the hell that is bipolar disorder. I started this page to have a safe place to vent without feeling judged by others,to share experiences in a safe place.

The living hell that is bipolar
I am a married 40 something with 2 grown up sons 1 recovering alcoholic mother all I want is to enjoy life instead of living the hell that is bipolar(Jo1)

This page is about how I cope or not with bipolar,its for sharing our experinces supporting each other to get through the rough & smooth that comes with bipolar. I would like people to feel they can share with others and also enjoy the page be able to have some banter with each other. Share how different treatments are implemented in different parts of thr world anyway enough of my blabbling.


Featured Advocates: Admins at AntiBullyingAtWork 10/21

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del76Admins: We are advocates because bullying has devastating effects including psychological damage such as depression and anxiety, and physical damage such as headaches and loss of appetite. This leads to other negative effects such as social withdrawal which will affect friends and family also. In the case of workplace bullying an individual can be affected financially and career wise which can have lifelong effects. In the case of school bullying, school work can be affected which can also have lifelong consequences. This issue is highly overlooked and definitely needs more attention. This is why we are AntiBullying advocates. We started our page because there  isn’t enough awareness of workplace bullying or bullying in general.

Bullies Don’t Just Go To School – They Go To Work Too! Please help us to raise awareness and make a change, together we can do this! Our mission is to Stand Up To Workplace Bullying And Put A Stop To It – TODAY.
Bullying is offensive, intimidating, malicious and insulting behaviour used as an abuse of power to undermine and humiliate the victim. Workplace bullying in particular is very often overlooked, and it is for this reason that society would like to believe, that after school, bullying doesn’t happen. However, it does happen, and is equally as serious as bullying at school. And just like school bullying, workplace bullying can have devastating effects.Wreck It Ralph is a popular Disney film. Whilst entertaining, it also sends out an important message regarding Workplace Bullying. Ralph is the “baddie” in the game Fix It Felix. As he is the “bad guy who wrecks the building”, he sleeps outside in the garbage on his own. This is an example of social exclusion. As well as this, the other characters in the game (his colleagues) tell him he will never win a medal like Felix. This is an example of verbal abuse. Ralph ends up leaving his game – he is bullied out of work, and the game ends up getting shut down – the company suffers as a result.

Another character in a different game, Vanellope, is told by the characters in her game (her colleagues) that she is a “glitch” and that she isn’t allowed to race with them. This again is verbal abuse and social exclusion. They also push her around – this is unwanted physical contact, and destroy a car that she built – this is tampering with her personal belongings. However, Vanellope cannot leave her game as she is a “glitch” . This is an example of being stuck in one job as she has nowhere else to go.

These stories, and other animations featured on this page, provide a perfect illustration for the purpose of AntiBullyingAtWork – to raise awareness of and stop workplace bullying.

Although only fictional, unfortunately, these stories are very relevant to real life situations. Bullying at work can have very serious consequences, and can ruin the lives of the victims and their families.The aim of this Facebook page is to illustrate that adults can be bullied too, and we must put a stop to it in order to properly protect bullied children. This page gives information on how to recognise workplace bullying and the consequences of workplace bullying. This page also illustrates things that can be done by employees if there is bullying happening in a workplace.

Bullying is not OK, it can happen to anyone and victims have every right to stand up against it. There is no Laws against bullying at work (or bullying in general) and this needs to change. Please like this page to raise awareness of this, and to help put a stop to workplace bullying.


Featured Advocate: J from Mental Health Mission 10/20

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del74J: I am an advocate because I have always had a great interest in mental health, and, since being affected by mental illness personally, it is my mission to help break down the stigma attached to mental illness and to show nothing but love, care and acceptance to those who are struggling. I have a particular interest in stopping the stigma currently attached to personality disorders.

Mental Health Mission
This page aims to raise awareness, promote recovery and help to end the stigma of mental health illnesses and addictions.
Thank you for visiting the page. I am a long term sufferer of different mental health illnesses. I have personally suffered from depression, anxiety, OCD and BPD – (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder & Borderline Personality Disorder).My OCD started at 9 years old and is still with me today, my depression is also still with me but I am doing much better and the BPD reared its ugly head in a big way this year landing me in a psychiatric unit 6 times.I am now on the road to recovery and would like to spread positive recovery tips and pictures, talk about my experiences and also go into more depth about certain illnesses which are highly stigmatised.Hopefully spreading awareness on mental health issues will help to stop people from flippantly saying statements like “im so OCD about that” and “im so depressed today” which makes the illness seem insignificant when in fact it ruins lives.

Other admins also run this page who have varying issues with mental health and addictions.  Website


Featured Advocate: Anonymous from Coffee with Autism 10/19

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del72Anonymous: I am an advocate because my son is autistic, has epilepsy and has psychiatric issues (but no official diagnosis). I advocate for him because he is non-verbal and has a great deal of difficulty communicating. On my page I write about my experiences raising my 17 year old son because  I like to keep my personal page (mostly) autism-free. It’s kind of an escape.

Coffee with autism
The random thoughts of a sometimes over-caffeinated mom.
I’m the mom of a 17 year old son with “classic autism”. He’s non-verbal and has epilepsy. My goal with this blog is to build awareness of his and our experiences. It’s the part of the spectrum I can speak to from experience. I think it needs a bull horn. You’ll also get my perspective from 22 years of teaching elementary grades.I want this to be a judgment-free zone, so if my blog becomes more public, I’ll go all “teacher” on anyone who acts out, and tell them to mind their internet manners. All parents want the best, so no bashing. As I tell my students, “Room 12 needs to be a safe place”….. so does “Caffeinated Autism”.

Oh, and if you don’t like a side of coffee, dog, and wine jokes with your autism this isn’t the place for you.



Featured Advocate: Christine from Pretend it’s on the Lesson Plan 10/18

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del70Christine: I advocate for my two children because everything I had ever been told about them by “professionals” is completely wrong. I was told everything from “they would never speak” to “they will snap out of it.” I spent too many sleepless nights to count educating myself on autistics. Learning and reading from the real professionals, autistics themselves. I advocate because I am passionate about making sure my children are protected and recognized as PEOPLE. Nothing more, nothing less. I advocate as they hold my hand and guide me through this amazing thing called ‘Life.”

Pretend it’s on the Lesson Plan
My first Facebook page “Because they chose us” was my baby. I had written it as a journal for my daughter, who is autistic. Later on when we realized our son was also autistic, with Aspergers, I knew I had to change the flow of the page. I loved writing and getting to know all the amazing families, but it got to be too much for me at that time.
Months have changed, and so have we. My kids are growing up and turning into independent people. It’s hard to let go, but I feel I have to move on to a new chapter in our book. “The Growing Years” Yes, these are the fun years. I also have a lot to say about marriage, parenting, homeshooling. Like I said, our life has changed drastically these past months. It’s no longer stuck on the word “autism.” Now we are just living life.