Featured Advocate: Tania from Silent Warriors 1/27


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delswTania: At age 31,  I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Luckily I had already had my children . After a hysterectomy, I was lucky enough to escape this disease with out further usual cancer treatment apart from follow up appointments and check ups.

About 6 months later, I found myself in chronic pain right through my body , after months of xrays, blood tests , pain and thinking it was all in my head my doctor finally referred me to a Rheumatologist where I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

I was Like “What the heck is that?” I had never heard of this. After researching this I found I was not alone, in pain but not alone. I was given medication but it made me quite ill and started breaking down my teeth. It seemed I couldn’t win. Through diet and some exercise I find some relief from time to time.

About a year later I woke to the side of my face completely paralyzed. It was Bells Palsy (facial stroke ) apparently from stress. Luckily after a few weeks it subsided and left little damage.

A few years had passed and I found myself in a different kind of pain, ankles, fingers , knees , completely swollen and throbbing , I knew this wasn’t my fibromyalgia as that is more like a burning, stabbing pain through my muscles.Surprise Surprise..more doctors, more tests and more xrays to find out I had Rhumartory Arthritis. Again medication did not work , it broke half my teeth, gave me nausea and stomach cramping. So then it was 12 months of dental care to have teeth removed and denture plates fitted.

I really felt like I was a woman in an 80yr old body. Controlling my own illnesses was hard enough especially when its hard to explain something that can’t be seen, I was spiralling into depression and constant anxiety everytime I went to the doctor. Being a mum is hard enough but having to deal with all these health issues was just too much.

On anti- depressants I did feel better mentally and then I had family come to us with terminal cancer, suddenly my health was second and caring for them became first. Sadly we lost a member of our family after 18 months of Chemo and Radiation therapy. His fight was a brave one and I am so glad I had this journey with him. It gave me such a better understanding of what cancer patients go through on a daily basis.

Now back concentrating on my health , my children’s health ( 2 boys with asthma and a daughter with wheat and lactose intolerance) I felt its time to help others, by sharing my story, experiences and allowing people to understand Silent/Invisible Illness. I want to educate others and raise awareness that all illnesses can’t be seen. I know I am much luckier than others , My illnesses can be quite tame compared to others. I am still alive to tell my story. You are Not Alone, You Are Silent Warriors


Silent Warriors This page is For all Warriors, Family and Friends who suffer the silent illnesses such as Cancer, Depression, Anxiety, Arthritis of all types, Fibromyalgia, Epilepsy, etc. I offer health Tips and advice . It is a personal Blog placing awareness through personal experiences. It is a page where Sufferers of Silent Illness and their family and friends can come to vent, seek advice from others. I personally have beaten cancer but suffer with Fibromyalgia, Rhumatory Arthritis and Depression. I am a mum of 6, and 40 yrs old . We are not alone and this page is here for you.


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