Featured Advocate: Susan from Helping to Reduce the Incidence of Suicide 2/13

featured page

delstSusan: I have been interested in preventing people from taking their life since I was very young having listened to a radio New Zealand program in the 1980’s about the impact on those left behind..

My path took me to study Psychology during which I became a single parent and now experience long term unemployment. During this time I became involved with an organisation providing crisis support which I was involved with for over two years. After this I volunteered (and still do) with Personality Disorders Awareness Network to help improve awareness of personality disorders.

My interest there is the need for professionals to greater recognise and understand the impact these disorders can have on others, for example partners and children. Late last year I set up my own page dedicated to suicide prevention, awareness and to provide online support.

Helping to Reduce the Incidence of Suicide:
This page is here to provide peer support around all factors which contribute to suicide not just mental illness. Please inbox or comment on a status if you would like a topic for support or discussion.The group is supportive and experienced and will not judge you.

The page is run by a professionally qualified person but advise that if you are in need of ongoing support to contact a general practitioner / family doctor who is best to advise you on treatment.
There are links to crisis supports and charities posted at regular intervals for specialist support.
Mission Statement
Our overall aim is to contribute to the global suicide prevention effort. The strategy that we will employ to do this is three fold
a) By facilitating peer support.
b) By facilitating discussions on and around suicide, providing information and resources at a level all can take from.
c) Conducting outreach work and training with healthcare professionals, within schools, the criminal justice system and social services. Engaging with the wider community to ensure the continuous learning and the development of initiatives to help reduce the incidence of death by suicide.


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