Featured Advocate: Anonymous from Heroin Addicts Lifeline 9/17

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del77Anonymous: I’m an advocate because I’ve suffered from both mental health issues and substance abuse issues. I’m in recovery and have been for a little while now. I know what it’s like to feel helpless and hopeless. There is a way out. I struggled for years and years. My hope is to help other people so they don’t have to be me. There is a freedom and happiness to be had!!

Heroin Addicts Lifeline

Help us unite against the growing heroin epidemic. We will help provide you or a loved one with finding help to no longer suffer!!


Featured Advocate: Adrien from Fighting addiction – my demons and me 7/17

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adrienAdrien: I am an advocate because mental health has always been a close part of my life. I suffer from depression and anxiety since I was very young.  I also lived with someone for many years with OCD and delusions


Fighting addiction – my demons and me
I’m a recovering heroin crack addict and clean since 15.12 2012 after over 20 years of active addiction I’m keeping this page real ,down to earth !!!!!!!!
I’m Adrian but close friends call me Adi/Edi i love it if you do too but up to you .Im a recovering Heroin/crack addict i was on and off drugs since june 1989 until the 15 of december 2012 and have not touched a thing since the 15.12.2012 hand on heart honest truth .it was my dream for so many years to wake up one day not needing a single substance to get me through the day and dreams really can come true.
My mom is the best I put her through hell for many years but she believed in me that i can do it and beat the disease before it beats me .Now I feel like i have a new purpose in life I want to pass on my experience to others still struggling with drug addiction and give moms and dads hope for their kids or loved ones who still suffer drug addiction .Im in a constant fight with my demons ,they trying to trick me and lie to me every day telling me I should go and score ,have some heroin just the once but I give them a good fight and alltho they wont ever give up they have accepted now im just simply smarter then them .
I share my story open and honest with everyone ,it helps me and others too ,i know from the messages i receive .So I hope you enjoy this ride on my FB with me but no hard feelings if u dont and leave i still respect and like you  I dont talk endless recovery talk all day on my FB ,but now and again i will share pics or stories/links about drug addiction ,im not after attention or sympathy but it was my life for many many years and if i can just help or inspire one single person to not take or even stop taking drugs it was all worth it .i have the most lovely open minded friends on here who have no idea how much credit they deserve for helping me to keep on the road ,to staying off drugs .i will always be thankful to my friends for the support , I didnt have no rehab or meetings ,sponsors i had me and my computer ,my mum and you lot ,my friends .that really it im looking forward to sharing my good and bad times with you all i take everyone as they are .Enjoy